Isla Aukate
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William Swiftstep
Name: William Swiftstep
Island of birth: Aukate
Age: 23
Preferred occupation: Chemist/Research Scientist
Species: Grey Fox(With Red Fox lineage)
Eye color: Light Blue
Height : 5 ft 8 in

Brief character description: 

William is a Lanky looking fox with grey, orange and white facial and body markings generally known for many of his species. Strangely tho, his feet and hands sports something closer to the black "stockings" known more of a red fox, to which William relates to the hereditary lineage of his grandmother's family.

Pictoral Reference: (Character Background will be changed to this)

Personality wise, William is a energetic and friendly sort that always likes to be learning and experimenting on things, both at work and at home, tho he's been known to snap and panic a little if thing goes really wrong.

Character background/history:

The Son of a Foreman for a residential construction agency, William's young life went along pretty well. Growing up in the upper middle-class, the young fox pretty was able to do what a young kit wanted, all be it within his parent's budget. For William, this meant having fun building and experimenting, be it legos, lincoln logs, tinkering with various kinds of contraptions, or having fun with a chemistry set that his father bought him when he was 10. He was always curious and learning about how the world worked, and even at times wanting to figure ways to improve it.

It was that Chemistry Set however that put him on the path to college, as the hours he put into learning about it and leaning about various chemicals and materials sparked a want to learn more and to be able to find a job that he could acquire that he could be able to do stuff as part. It is that spark that lead him through high school and college, and allowed him to graduate with a degree in material chemistry from a college on Aukate.

Achieving that degree William was preparing to get a job, when one of his curious activities when disastrously wrong.

During the summer after graduation, his parents had thought about adding a fish pond to their property, and William decided to as a thank you, he'd make it for them. To start off, he decided to would try to blast a whole in the ground using ammonium nitrate, much like he had heard had been done by some landscapers that worked with his father. Gathering the materials he did his best to follow the safety instructions, but did not take into account the heat of the day or the amount of moisture...and when the materials where mixed...the resultant quickly went off with a bang, which knocked William out cold.

The next moment, William found himself in the hospital room. The explosion had done a number on him, having broken a few ribs, broken his nose and had ripped a chuck out of his right ear, but he had made it out alive. Surviving the event made him start to think more to be careful about experimenting with such, but his parents were still concerned. Due to this, they pushed him to join the Overlord's group as a way to learn with guidance. At first William wasn't really up for it, preferring to find something less restrictive in civilian work, but after some pushing he relented, looked up the next recruitment drive to join the ranks.

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