Isla Aukate
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Name: Dr. Evelyn Archeus
Island of birth: Tiurai
Age: Exact age is currently unknown, her species ages abnormally slow. But she has a questionable background with time experiments that muddied the water even further. There is evidence she was involved with Rocketry as far back as 1960.
Preferred occupation: Professor and Engineer.
Species: Winged Tigress
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Blond with Pink Highlights, she colors her hair.
Height (in feet and inches): 6' 7"

A winged royal blue tigress with white stripes, she keeps hair done in a colored Mohawk to show her prowess in multiple fields.
She writes constantly, making notes on all matters of subjects. Brought up in a home with older brothers, she was the runt of the family and had to learn early how to toughen up. Having been labeled A day dreamer, her thoughts and ideas are in the realm of the fantastic, others often find it hard to envision. She has  proven knack for developing incredibly outlandish devices. She is fiercely loyal and can be very independent. She also knows how to get things done in an orderly manor. She like seeing ideas be born, developed and improved. For all her seriousness she actually has a Regal sense of humor and is never afraid to laugh at herself.

She taught for a few years but felt the real work she wanted to perform was being drowned by the endless amount of paper involved in running a class room. Later she took work as a private government contractor and working for several institutions. she knows the machines she really wants to build can not be achieved by private organizations with limited budgets. She thinks big. She is also privy to Island geologic surveys which have peaked her curiosity due the unique structures. She has signed up to be part of the Overlords mission, in hopes of having her own dreams of technology come to fruition. She wants her fellow Islanders to feel they live in a secure world, and will fight for the Overlord with all her tenacity.
Well versed in many disciplines she finds interest in being challenged, mentally and physically.
Some minor things, I would like you to pin down an age if you can even if that age is like 150 or something. At the very least something a bit reasonable. Secondly is deciding which line of mythology she's from. Pegasus or winged Sphinx in her family?

Other than that I'm rather fine with this.

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