Isla Aukate
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Check in to boot camp
Darius took a sip of his tea. "Nothing terribly demanding at first, Fruits, Vegetables, Wild game that sort of thing. I suggest fishing if you have a talent for it." He pulled out a slip of paper and handed it to her. "In which case you will be reporting to Base ops. Here are directions to the Base operations Barracks, There should be plenty of other recruits there now for you to interact with until tomorrow. Report do the Base ops training tent at ten AM tomorrow morning, you can acquire your uniform in the tent behind this one." He closed the file and set it aside. "And you are dismissed unless you have any more questions."
Tamara took the slip of paper and got up from the chair. "No more questions, Sir," said the tigress. "Thank you," she finished with a nod at the three officers before exiting the tent. She stopped a few steps away from the tent and let out a soft sigh. The first meeting with the General and his aides, or whomever the other two Humans were, went quite well, and so here she was, at the beginning of a new chapter in her life. Her tail gave a couple small flicks, the little blue and red yinyang jewel at the tip shining a bit as it caught the sun's rays.

The next step seemed obvious though, as there was a big tent right besides the General's tent, with some activity inside. Stepping into it, she looked around, looking at the uniforms lined up. She hesitated, looking at the various people working there, not too sure who she was supposed to see about getting herself a uniform or two.
Freya ended up taking a more circuitous route from the uniform tent to the barracks tent she was assigned.  She had walked around the camp checking out the other tents, and getting a feel for where things were in the camp.  She saw some of the other recruits moving around the camp as she went, but didn't do more than wave or give a quick greeting as she went.  She eventually found her way to the base-ops barracks tent.  She stepped inside the tent and was greeted with the sight of a vixen undressing.  Her first impulse was to back out of the tent, and wait, but after a moment's reflection she decided that if she was going to be staying in the tent with other recruits, it was something she was going to have to get used to sooner or later.  She continued on into the tent, giving a small smile, and saying "um...hello."  as she made her way to a cot along one of the tent's walls to claim as her own.
In a fog of gazing at her tablet, assimilating new data and absentmindedly changing out of her 'civvies' (look, military slang already!), one ear flicked at the sound of the tent opening and someone stepping in, displacing a volume of air much more than the average size. Ara stopped reading, dropping her skirt and without too much in the way of prudishness - one does not grow up in a crowded household and share bedrooms with brothers as well as sisters, let alone bathing facilities and the like with too much prudishness intact, even if the vixen were so inclined - continued by pulling on her uniform pants, enjoying the silken feel and soft rustle against her silken fur. Not sure how her reply might be taken after having been dressed down for being insulting and switched from her preferred department for being overexuberant, the chastened little vixen sheepishly waved a little paw at the big dragoness while trying not to stare, her mind already working on the physics of lift and wingspan, adding in the magic factor of, well, magic as variable_m_..."Urrh, um, h-hullo there. This IS the Base Ops tent, is it not? Crumbs, I hope I have not gotten the wrong tent..that would be a fine kettle of fish..."
After getting her uniforms, Tamara went to the Base Ops tent, as she had been instructed. It seemed that the day would be short, and the people in charge didn't wanted potential new recruits to mill around the place, which was understandable from an organizational point of view. Even though she would have loved to be able to do some exploring of this little island, whihc she didn't even knew existed until the Captain of the boat that brought her here, with many other recruits, told them of their destination.

Stepping into the tent, she stopped as she heard the end of the conversation and saw the silver dragonness in front of her, as well as the white vixen currently changing clothe a bit further into the tent.

"Well, it is marked as 'Base Ops' outside, big sign above the entrance, so I think this is the Base Ops tent," she commented with a slightly amused smile. "I'm Tamara, nice to meet you," she added.
Charon stepped up to the counter of the uniform tent and presented his slip of paper to the gecko. "I really don't know what size would fit me because of my build," the feline said sheepishly. "I guess I could try a medium but I am long of leg, maybe a mixture or medium and large."
Lexington Canidson nervously stepped off the boat, looking around constantly. He didn't seem quite certain about where he wanted to look, but the big line leading towards the humans seemed an appropriate. He waited his turn, scratching at a particular spot on the back of his head. It seemed that he did that a lot - his fur had become noticeably thinner at that one spot. As he approached, he snapped to attention. He didn't know why, but he sniffed.

Odd. He'd run into humans before, at the docks. These ones smelled different. There was an undercurrent Amphibian? He wasn't sure what.

Oh well.

"Lexington Canidson, reporting for duty, sir."
Cobalt ushered Lexington into the tent with a smile. "Right this way." Darius looked up from the papers he was organizing and smiled. "Have a seat..." He waited until the recruit had done so then found his file among the pile. "Ahhh gathering. We're going to have quite a bit of those this wave. Tell me a bit about your interests in this, sir. You will be helping quite a few people on our island." Darius handed the file over to Cobalt to read through it as he waited for the answer.
Lexington smiled as he sat down. His leg started jumping oddly, giving rhythmic bounces.

"Well, sir, my primary interest is in the gathering of aquatic materials. Fish are an obvious one, but I'm also trained in harvesting various corals, sea plants, crustaceans, mollusks..." He smirks a bit. "I've actually successfully caught and contained five cone shells and three sea wasps. Now THOSE are nasty. Had to use a special jar on a stick, because you get a dose of the venom from those things, you're not going to be seeing dry land again. And I've learned to gather them with minimal ecological impact. I understand that medical research is doing all sorts of incredible things with marine organisms. And that's without mentioning the ones that can be used for food, or salvaging sunken objects."

His voice is deep, but it has a tinge of a nasal quality to it.
Freya had opened her mouth to make a reply to the vixen further in the tent, but somebody behind her spoke first.  In her surprise, Freya spun around and tried to back up at the same time.  As she moved backwards, her legs came into contact with the cot behind her and quickly found herself in a losing battle with gravity.  She reflexively started to spread her wings, but it was too late.  She landed heavily on her butt on the cot and nearly toppled off the backside before she regained some semblance of balance.  

She hid her face in her hands for a few moments in her embarrassment before she looked up at the others in the tent.  She flashed a small embarrassed smile before she spoke.  "Yeah, I'd say you're in the right tent if Base Ops was the one you were looking for."  She said to the vixen before addressing the everyone in the tent. "My name is Freya.  It's a pleasure."  She continued as she set her bag and spare uniform down on the cot next to her.

She was quiet for a moment before speaking again.  "So, we're all assigned to Base Ops, but what specific jobs did you get?"  She asked with some curiosity, wondering what other jobs might be in Base Ops besides the one she had been told about.

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