Isla Aukate
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Check in to boot camp
The young vixen dipped one ear as a tigress entered and mentioned the sign, well, way to be observant there, Ara...she then blinked her black and blue eyes as the large dragoness spun around and displayed the effects of gravity and dexterity all in one go. She pulled on her tunic and fastened up all the buttons, working on the sleeves and compared the uniform to the ones she saw examples of on her tablet...this many in that location meant Base Ops, this configuation meant R&D, this there meant Military, these markings were for rank..she stood up and smoothed down her tunic and belt and wished she had a long mirror to look in, distracted, then blinking, people had said things...Oh! Introductions!

"Uhm, brilliant. Me name is Aralyn, most people call me Ara, um, though I suppose I'll be called by me surname until we get out of bootcamp...assuming one of us isn't tossed out on her tail the first bloody day." Her accent only becomes more pronounced as she gets upset with herself even more. " specialties are getting on everyone's nerves, not properly researching what I get meself into and unintentionally insulting two out of three of my superior officers in less than an hour. Not bad for me first day, hey?" She wilts her ears and looks at the glossy toes of her boots. "I'm like as not to be banging big rocks into smaller ones for most of me time here. It's nice to meet you both though. Have any messages or anything you'd like me to take back with me on the ferry home?" Clearly the once-exuberant small vixen has had the confidence knocked right out from under her and she has no idea what to do with herself other than follow instructions to the letter and see what happens. She can't bring herself to meet the others' gazes, though, feeling like an idiot, never mind that she doesn't understand any sort of social tact whatsoever. "Crumbs."
After the cheetah received his uniforms, he walked to the base ops barracks to see where his bunk was. As he entered the tent, he heard a commotion further back and for a moment he thought he saw wings. He was taken aback for a moment until his eyes weren't deceiving him anymore to find out he actually did see wings. 'A most fascinating turn of events,' he said to himself.

From what he learned the one who almost fell, the name was Freya. The vixen's name as Aralyn or what she said it was alright to call her Ara. The feline quietly set his belongings on his cot and went to the restroom to change into his uniform. The gecko, which gave him his uniform, had quite the eye in nailing down what each person's size was. He thought the uniform top was a bit small but he was afraid of what the next size down was. The pants was the right size, even accommodating for his small waist size.

He exited the facilities and he felt a bit more confident in himself. It was surprising what a uniform could do for one's personality. He walked over the red fox and put a hand on her shoulder. "Each one of us has to find themselves here and everyone here is nervous, we'll all do fine even you," Charon said to her, attempting to raise her spirits.
Darius glanced at Cobalt who made a face. "I didn't know Sea wasps were native to this part of the ocean." Cobalt chewed on his lip. "I should probably tell Slate to be careful when he's fishing."

Darius smiled. "Does he know how to use a tablet? I'm sure you can tell him once we're finished here."

Cobalt nodded. "Anyway, looks like you're with me." He handed the file back to Darius. The general removed a slip of paper from the file and handed it to Lex.

"This is your tent assignment, You'll be reporting to the Base Ops training tent tomorrow morning at Ten AM. The uniform tent is behind this one, unless you have any questions you are dismissed recruit."
Ketha made her first shaky steps down the line to the first tent that everyone else was lining up to. She had been in her element back on the boat. Even her usual clumsiness was relaxed by the gentle rocking of a boat on waves. Now that she was on solid land however, things changed. Ketha was trying her absolute best to stand at attention. Making sure all her limbs, especially her tail, were in there proper place. The last thing she wanted was to trip someone up, or trip herself up, before she even got the chance to properly introduce herself. You got this Ketha, she thought to herself, if you could pilot a ferry through a storm you can do this, no problem. Even with her mental pep talk, she still felt her stomach tie itself in knots as she moved closer to the tent.
Lexington snapped in a salute, making his way over to the uniform tent. He looked over the uniforms. Silk?

"I suppose there are a good number of Arthropods in the Overlord's employ," he ruminated. "Let's try medium long first, then move to large if those don't fit."

Thankfully, the medium longs fit very well. Lexington pulled at the high collar, feeling a bit uncomfortable. He always hated the feeling of things that close to his Adam's apple. He also looked over the color.

He preferred green to purple, but it wasn't terrible.
Felix DeLaRosa was sketching the ocean view while sitting on the beach. The brown wolf must've looked very awkward; he was sketching with his left hand while his paralyzed right arm acted as a shelf holding a small sketchbook. This was possible because of a black arm sling that he modified with a wire stand to hold small items in place. He was enjoying the sound of the ocean and the waves crashing against the ferry that just brought him and a bunch of recruits to the island of Kuakua. 

Every so often, Felix would check the length of the line and wait for the group of recruits to shrink a bit before joining. In any other situation, he would have been in the line trying to listen to the idle chatter and maybe even try to make a friend. But as he got off the boat, he was hit with a wave of nervousness and decided to settle his nerves with a quick sketch of the beautiful ocean before him. After a while, the line started to reach the last recruits and that was the signal for Felix to join.  

"I better hurry before I'm left behind." Felix muttered to himself as he stood up and brushed the sand off his clothes and tail. 

Quickly putting his stuff back where they belong and pushing the stand into its closed position on the sling. Felix grabbed his duffel bag and walked to the line. Upon reaching the line, Felix stood behind a rather tall dragon with green hair and blue scales. For a moment, he wondered the combination of colors he would need in other to match that dragon's color scheme on a canvas, but quickly shook away that train of thought. He needed to focus on what he would say at check in. With a slight flick of the ear, Felix started going over the recommendations he had read online about proper military etiquette while waiting for his turn to be ushered into the tent.
Keep moving forward! No matter what! That's my creed. 
Harlan had also decided to hang back a bit from the first group of eager recruits, and let the line thin out a bit first. It gave him time to evaluate his surroundings, and determine what was going to happen next. The squirrel was interested in the underlying order behind the seeming chaos of the place. If this was indicative of Overlord Fox's operations, then it taught him a valuable lesson: Never base anything on first impressions.

He finally filed into line behind a brown wolf with what appeared to be an arm injury. Hopefully, it wasn't serious or permanent, and that it wouldn't be held against the canid recruit. Harlan adjusted the duffel bag over his shoulder, and made sure all his papers were in order for presentation. Based on what he'd seen so far, it wouldn't be long before he was called forward....
Tamara placed her uniforms on one of the free cots and looked at Ara. "Don't worry Ara: you're here, in this tent, which means that they're still giving you a chance to show what you're worth. I think that, if you'd done this bad in your meeting with the General, you'd already be on your way back home," she said, trying to raise the vixen's spirits as well. "So, take a deep breathe and smile: you passed the first test, you've been accepted into the training program!" added the tigress with a warm smile towards Ara.

Then she looked at Freya. "It seems they want me as a sort of hunter-gatherer: getting fruits, vegetables, wild game, fish and that kind of sundries for the allies of the Overlord. I guess some of it would also be for the Lair itself," commented the striped feline, thoughtful. "What about you all?" she asked to the vixen, the cheetah and the dragon. Tamara looked at her uniform as she spoke, taking a closer look, a finger running along the gleaming buttons.
Freya caught sight of a cheetah that came in after Tamara, but promptly left.  When he came back, dressed in uniform, it explained why he had come in only to leave.  She offered a smile as he approached Ara, and put a hand on her shoulder.  

Freya smiled sympathetically at Ara; it seemed the vixen was pretty shaken by her interview.  "I'm sure it's not that bad.  Nobody can expect you to know everything you need to know on your first day, and I'm sure that as long as you show an honest effort to work at it you'll be okay."  She said, also wanting to bolster Ara's spirits.

She returned her attention to Tamara and nodding as she revealed her assignment.  the tigress then reiterated the question of what specific assignments everyone had received.  "Hey, I'm going to be a gatherer too!"  She replied with some excitement.  "That and doing field repairs."  She was now grinning as the first bonds of camaraderie started to form.  "Maybe we'll get to work together sometime."  She continued happily. "What about you?" She asked as she turned to look at the cheetah and vixen now standing next to each other.
The vixen blinked, looked at the hand on her shoulder and WAYYY back and up (okay well for her it was way back and up, if she had to look up at the dragoness, she might get a crick in her neck!) at the cheetah, nodded at him, then slowly started to swish her fluffy tail as each of her new tentmates added to a bolstering of spirits. She slowly smiled and pricked up her ears as she listened, then started tapping her forefingers together in front of her. "I, well, honestly, I don't know what I'm really going to be doing. See, I'm a scientist, and I joined this program from my doctoral cohort at college. Um, but since I was so, uh, excited, the...General?...yah, him, took one look at my file, turned whiter than a fish belly and then told...uh...I never did catch Mister Cobalt's rank, did any of you?...him, anyhow, that I needed tempering and stuck me with him."

She listens to all the others speak of their alotted tasking and tilts her head. "You mean like, gathering herbs and flowers and apples and grapes? I'm a physicist! Botany isn't my speciality! How am I to know how to do all that! I go to a store when I want food, or a cafeteria on my meal ticket program or something! If I'm at home, Ma is cooking!" Now she turns from face to face and wrings her paws! "I tried to make a souffle in a homeskills class in high school that nearly took out the gas main! Oh, crumbs, this'll be a disaster! Please, if I accidentally make poison sludge for brekkies, I honestly didn't mean to try and put you in Medical, really!"

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