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Marcus Nyght
Name: Marcus Alexander Nyght 
Island of birth: Aperira
Age: 36
Preferred occupation: Tech Specialist, but does have some medical background
Species: Melanistic Jaguar(panther) 
Eye color: Green
Hair color: no hair. Just Blue/Black Fur
Height (in feet and inches): 6'0"

Brief character description: Nyght is tall, but not much past most Jaguars. His build wasn't as athletic of the others, but he wasn't a couchkitty. While others found Hunting, Fighting, and Physical prowess to be the pinnacle of training, he trained his mind. Affinity to Technology came early as he was always tearing apart things to see how they worked, putting them back together with them working better then when he did tear them apart. He did also learn some basic medical training, enough to patch people together after coming back from a fight in more pieces then they left as. While his name is Marcus, he is used to be called by his last name because of his coloration. Hearing his first name usually makes his pause and make sure he is being spoken to.

Character background/history: Nyght is a simple Jaguar, other then the exception he was born melanistic, his coat didn't have a the same differentiation that others did. He looked almost solid black with a slight dark blue coloration mixed in. In the right light, the spots can be seen, otherwise he looked like he was black furred. His Coloration got him out of the Stigma of being called "Jaguar" on his Island of Birth, but it did give him resentment of how his kind were called. Because of that, he always pushed himself to be the best in anything he did. Second best was First Loser in his mind. He pushed himself until he thought he was proficient enough to prove worthy of R&D before he sent in his Application and awaited the response, sure he was much older then a normal recruit, but maybe this time age would prove he was still worth it.

Edit 1/1/16: Fixing of backstory to better fit in
Edit 7/6/17: Adjusting of Name
Yeah it's not really a competition at this stage just if you want to join you can. So if you could modify that I'd appreciate it c:

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