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Edric Tolan
Name: Edric "Code" Tolan
Age: 27
Island of Birth: Titema/December
Height: 6`3
Weight: Approx. 185 pounds
Eyes: Blue
Species: Snow Leopard

A tall but plain looking snow leopard, usually found with at least one source of caffeine in his hand and his muzzle buried in whatever data that is relevant to whatever project (Work or personal) he is attempting. He has a quick and analytical mind coupled with an energetic and alert personality which has served him well in life, but he sometimes seems to lack the ability to understand concepts like "Impossible" or "Immediate personal truama," as an examination of his two fake claws and a false fang can attest.

Quick Bio: 

Edric is an only child, born a year after his parents came to the island from November. Equipped with an endless supply of questions, he tormented both of his parents at about the same time other children did...though he had an unusual ability to understand the answers he received, and to pry deeper into the issue when he was given an answer that did not make sense. While this behavior earned him a few detentions at school, it allowed him to take advantage of the books and experience his parents still had access to.

Post school he worked around Titema in some minor construction and engineering jobs, but he desired more. It rankled him to know that he would never make more than a local impact with his work, and that there was more out there to know and do, but he lacked access to the equipment and environment to make it happen....until he heard of the Lair`s recruitment drive.

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