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Jak W. Snow
Name: Jak William Snow
Age: 29
Island of Birth: Me
Height: 4' 8"
Weight: 180 pounds
Eyes: Green
Species: Skunk
Fur Color: Black
Skills: Organization, stubborn work ethnic, critical thinking skills, multitasking (just not all at once), sewing.

Interests: Organizing, weapons training, power lifting, home brewing, and archery. Secretly likes tea parties with his younger sisters. Won't admit it to anyone.

Personality: chaotically organized, attention to detail while sometimes missing the bigger picture, Often charitable when resources can be spare and when it is known that the recipient will put them to good use.

Preferred occupation: Mechanical. Everything from plumbing to weapons maintenance. Guard duty or courier when needed. Anything that falls through the cracks. (Rimshot)

Brief character description: Snow is a short stocky build skunk with with large pink ears, one pink nose, and a long bushy tail. Mostly build like a power lifter with wide hips and an average waistline. Black fur covers most of his body save for white fingers (and toes.) Two two diamond shaped white patches on his chest and lower area that comes around and forms a heart shaped patch on his backside.
Profile approved!

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