Isla Aukate
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Alaric Schein
Name: Alaric Schein

Island of birth: Noema

Age: 27

Preferred occupation: Pharmacists.......

Species: Human

Eye color: Greenish-Brown

Hair color: Chocolate Brown

Height: 6'

Brief character description: A rather serious, somewhat religious, and tired looking human male. Rather average in height and weight, but unlike many of the other humans that inhabit the Calendar Islands, he is of European decent.  He is a very hard worker, however he has his moments of self-doubt. When he has a moment to himself he will always have a cup of tea or coffee on hand to brighten his day and a violin to play. He wears a pair of thin glasses, a skullcap (or kippah), and usually sports a beard or goatee, but when he does shave he has what one would call a baby face. Shaving has ended up becoming something he will avoid like the plague.

Hobbies: Violin.........and a bit of cooking........and cleaning..........and boardgames.........lots of boardgames.

Character background/history: Alaric was born on the island of Noema, to a father whose a sailor and a mother whose a school teacher. He was told much of what his family had gone through before being shipwrecked over 2 generations prior. The “monster” his great grandmother spoke of drove her and her family across the seas to escape his influence. It was only by happenstance that they manage to wash up in the Calender Islands while traveling from Germany, to Britain, to India, then by boat to a refuge in China. They never found out what happened to his great grandfather, for he stayed in their homeland to help others.

Alaric's childhood was like any other child on the island. He himself growing up had little to no interaction with the other folks of the Calendar Island. His few interactions with the other races of the islands were sporadic at best, but they were all really friendly. It was one older feline fellow that suggested he take up music in his free time. For his 8th birthday his grandmother bought a violin for the young Alaric, which he practiced and played just about everyday.

It was not until his teenage years he started to question what he wanted to do with his life. Many were wanting to take part in working on the ships, but Alaric was wanting something more for himself. At first he wanted to have music be his goal, but the more and more he thought about it, he didn't want his hobby to be ruined by a need to be better than everyone else. He though of many things, until he decided to get into medicine. He worked hard throughout schooling and when he graduate, Alaric wanted to go right into college for his lab science degree. He considered at first going for general medical practitioner, but he decided to go into pharmacy. It was then that he traveled off his home island of Noema and came to the island of Aukate for Pharmacy College.

It was during his time on Aukate that he felt he jumped right into the deep end. He was overwhelmed during his first year as he went through pharmacist college. He always felt behind the other students, despite him doing rather well. He started to second guess himself which left him off the Dean's List for sure, but nowhere close to being on academic probation. When he finally graduated, he was stumped. He finally had his Doctor of Pharmacy Degree and was certified, but he didn't feel like going back to Noema. He wanted to try and make it on his own elsewhere. He though of all the other islands, but that was when he heard about the Overlord was looking for specialists. The benefits of being under the Overlord's employ made his choice more clear. After two months of being with friends and family back home, he made his trip back to Aukate and submitted his application.
It's an interesting character! It plays on a part of the setting that none has thought of yet. If he gets approved, it will be interesting to interact with Smile
(01-19-2016, 09:00 AM)TheSphinx Wrote: It's an interesting character! It plays on a part of the setting that none has thought of yet. If he gets approved, it will be interesting to interact with Smile

Hey thanks. Fox said it was ok with me playing a human so I decided to try something like this. I could have just played a Polynesian, but that would have been too easy. Conflict builds character as I always say, and having him be the minority of the minority brings more to the table.
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