Isla Aukate
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Felix Orward DeLaRosa
Name: Felix Orward DeLaRosa
Island of birth: Peeperuare
Age: 25
Preferred Occupation: Craftsmen/Artisans or Specialized Medical
Species: Red wolf
Eye color: Dark Red 
Hair color: Dark brown hair
Height: 6' 2"

Brief character description: Felix is a tall and somewhat heavy red wolf with a paralyzed/weaken right arm. His fur is a light tan with some patches of copper brown on his back. One notable feature is a short scar between his eyes. When questioned about his scar, he will shrug it off and say it was from an accident in his youth. He's a hard working, kind and polite person that tries to be optimistic in any situation and is quick to take the blame for anything that he does wrong. "Sorry!" "Don't worry." "I'll find a way." "Peeperuare is a wonderful place to visit!"  are his most common sayings.  

Character background/history:  Felix grew up on the island of Peeperuare, in a village away from the main town. This was due to the "customs" of the natives as only the palest had the privilege to live in the main town. In spite of that, he will always talk highly about his home and will recommend the most wonderful places to visit with a smile.

His family the DeLaRosas are known by the locals for helping set up the Rose festival every year. If there was any breathtaking decorations at a wedding or wonderful performances for the main festival, his family had a hand in making it special. Each member of the family are expected to pick up a creative skill and become masters at it over time, any other profession/skill was deemed unnecessary for them. Felix was no exception to this as he had a talent for painting. His family pushed him to focus only on his art and as a result, he didn't make many friends during his youth.

His teenage years were mostly spent on honing his painting skill or following his family around while they worked. In time, he was able to learn how to prepare for major events like the Rose festival and soon after joined the family business. His time spent working on the festival greatly expanded his world as the inhabitants of the other islands would come to visit. Painting everyday and bringing smiles to the tourists made his life perfect. That is until, a harsh cold season caused him to fall ill and become bedridden. When he received treatment for his illness, Felix suffered a stroke as a rare side effect of the drug. This ordeal left the right side body of his body partially paralyzed and he had to relearn how to use his body in physical therapy. After a while, he was able to regain control over his body except for his right arm. Not wanting to give up painting, Felix tried to learn how to paint with his left hand, but he wasn't as good as he used to be. Thus placing his painting career on hold until he can reach the same skill level once again. 

During a routine visit with his physical therapist, the doctor asked how he was dealing with the loss of his arm.  After a long discussion, the doctor recommended Felix to volunteer at her office and use his knowledge of the arts to help people in therapy. Surprised at the offer, he agreed and began working with the doctor. For the next two years, he learned how to help patients with art. From setting up art displays for young patients to designing a custom elbow brace for patients with weakened limbs, Felix saw that art can have a healing side to it. With this in mind, Felix started to seek out other applications of art. This lead him to the field of technology and 3D design. Now Felix could 3D print prototypes of custom medical braces for the doctor's patients and with the help of RexNet, earned himself a college degree. 

Working for the doctor gave him a new outook on life. Felix now knows that he could do anything a normal person can do if he works hard enough. So at the age of 25, when news of recruitment for the Overlord's forces began, Felix submitted an application. Working for the Overlord was the best way to help people even if he can only do so with one arm.

Skills: Any type of art, pigment crafting, wood crafting, tool making, 3D Printing, programming.   
Keep moving forward! No matter what! That's my creed. 
Edited to fit the suggestions I got.  Took off the family holding him back and giving him the chance to learn to paint with his other arm later. Let me know if I should change anything.
Keep moving forward! No matter what! That's my creed. 

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