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Last few weeks were unpleasant with the pandemic that swept through having not gotten sick Dean got to help take care of those that did. But with that finally over and now a memory and with life beginning to return to normal sleep is a wonderful thing. Having set his alarm early enough to get up and have a while to get ready, morning starts with the familiar canine yawn stretch before having a shower. Fully awake and breakfast eaten as he sits down to check messages, spotting one from General Steel. Opening it to read today is the group meeting at Central Citadel. Dean quickly checks the time to see he has little to worry about, putting everything away and getting ready for inspection he quietly makes his way to Central verifying his tablet is muted before putting it in its pocket and entering for the meeting.
Darius leaned heavily on his cane as the minions filed in. He smiled warmly at Mark and moved to the podium where he could more easily address the crowd. He turned the microphone on and it gave a small short feedback squeak. It wasn't enough to harm the ears of most but it did the job of getting everyone's attention.

"Good morning." Steele announced to the growing crowd. "I've called everyone here to keep you appraised of the current events going on outside the lair. We are about to begin relations with new human allies and I will need every department to do their part to make this as easy for everyone as possible." He flinched a little and leaned forward. "There have also been rumors circulating about the nature of our new allies and I am here to put several of those to rest. General Tungsten is not of the same nature as Titan, and we have little to fear of him and his people." He pulled out some cards and fumbled with them for a moment.

"Research and Development, you will be working with Dr. Silver to help update our current pool of vaccines. Non-medical personnel will be aiding the human crews Scientists and trading technology" He flipped to another card. "Military and Base ops will be working together with Tungsten's crew to help them find good foraging sites for sustenance outside of fishing." He laid the cards on the podium and exhaled. "Dexter Cobalt and Captain M'rega will head up the base operations and military contingent, Wolfbane and Dr. Silver will aid Research and Development. Does anyone have any questions before we proceed?"
Shard thought about what he had heard. A new group of humans were on the Island? He would be the first to admit that he felt a little trepidation at the news. Though he doubted anyone could blame him. Titan and his crew were not exactly the most friendly to the Island inhabitants. Minions especially. However his concerns were allayed when General Steele mentioned this new group were nothing like the last ones. Still since a question did linger in the back of Shards head so when Darius asked for questions he felt the need to voice it. Raising a hand, Shard spoke up "Sir, do we know yet if anyone in this new group of Humans will be intending to join our ranks here?"
Mark listened carefully to what the general was saying. Most of the information about the new humans, he already knew. He had even expected that the Lair would be on friendlier terms with them and would probably assist them into getting settled. He listened as Shard Loren asked a question about any of the new group joining the Overlord's forces, and waited until Darius had answered to raise his hand and speak.

"General, how soon do we expect the new arrivals, and how soon after that do we begin this operation?"
All Hail the Overlord!
From his position in the second row of the crowd of Minions, Doctor Greymyst listens intently to General Steele, his ears twitching slightly as the purpose of the gathering is announced. While he is not surprised that there is another group of humans on the island, he is slightly wary due to the events of the proceeding months. As one of the senior doctors who staffed the Liar's medical wing, he had seen first hand the abstract cruelty that the Titan had wrought, starting with the illness of the man who was now addressing them.

Of course, that illness had not been natural, and it had taken all the expertise of many doctors, himself included, and Doctor Silver to keep the now General alive. It had, of course, led to some interesting reasearch and insights into the ppneumonic plague. 

The next thing General Steele says puts Sylvian's fears somewhat to rest, though not completely. History teaches that anytime a new population comes into the circulation of a closed environment, such as the Calendar Islands are, problems inevitably arise for both groups as unknown diseases and bacteria are introduced both ways. So, even before General Steele starts on handing out orders, Sylvian has already reached into a pocket and pulled his tablet out, quickly flicking through the database of vaccines currently stored in the Liar's labs.

Of course, this begs the obvious question; which should they start on first? Of course, this is a question for Madam Bane and Doctor Silver, one that would be better suited to back in Medical, when he is able to perhaps pull aside Doctor Silver and have a conversation about it...

But then, they're all here, so perhaps it would be best to ask now, so the rest of R&D knows as well? 

Shaking his head he sighs and goes back to going through the database, selecting and dragging different vaccines currently stockpiled and compiling a list of the more common diseases present in the atoll that the new population might fall victim to. The last small part is simply a reminder to ask Silver what possible diseases General Tungsten's people might be bringing with them.
Apparently Garran didn't wake up that much early, cause when he arrived there was already quite the crowd. He spotted Jade on the other side, talking with other people, and doctor Sylvian not much further.
Minions were slowly crowding the hall; Garran looked around for a bit to see who else was already there, but in the crowd it was difficult to notice even with his imposing stature. He resolved to go towards Socks, when suddenly someone tapped on his back and he turned quickly to see Evelyn's smile.
"Hey! Good morning, Archy!" He greeted the blue tigress. "Come, I was already on my way to say hi to Jade too."

Garran could basically act as a wedge and wade through the crowd by virtue of his imposing stature, so it wasn't difficult for the two to move among the minions. "So, how are you today?" he asked Archeus while he moved people away. They reached Jade, and after a moment General Steele spoke.
The professor gave Garran a nod. "I'm good" said Evelyn. She extended her arm after you sir, letting Garran lead the way. The two made their way to Jade. As they reached her they looked up to see the General began to speak.
She listened intently. 
After giving the assembly the instructions. Professor Archeus raised her hand. "General" she asked. "My only concern would be that we not give away all our (Super) technology without  quid pro quo. The outside world has consistently run behind us in technological know how, which has helped to ensure our security. I'm not wanting to sound  the alarmist. Just being devils advocate and wanting to be realistic about giving to much away. My job is to give you honest opinions and open options that aren't sugar coated. Having said that, I'll be happy to work with them in anyway I can and look forward to see how they can engage with and help us."
She then bowed her head to the General and returned the floor.
Keir Heard Razor call to him and smiled happily. It was always a good day when Keir, Razor and Angus were together. "If you say so," Keir began as he shook the shark's handpaw tightly. "That sickness was pretty bad on a lot of people. I feel like it would have been a lot worse if it had affected more than it did." The dark wolf finished right as the General began to speak. He listened intently, straightening out his back a little when General Steele gave out the instructions to the military and base ops minions.
"You may or may not return home. If I decide to allow you to get back, it will be on my terms and the commander’s.” 
~ Keir speaking a lemur in custody during a scene from my novel.
Angus gave Razor a slap on the back " Heyja how are you feeling Sharky?" with an evil grin he looks at Razor and then began to softly chuckle .
In that instand he heard the General speak and address the large crowd. He was glad that they where standing a bit in the background.
He looks over the crowd seeing ears perk up at the Generals Informations and orders.
" Interresting " he things while still listening to the questions from the other minions out loud he whispers to his friends " I just hope that these humans don´t try anything stupid while here"
He feels a little tugging on his legs
As he looks down he sees one of the many Sirenidae tugging on his Uniform. He extents his hand down so that the green and red Sirenidae can climb up on it and after standing back up settling on his shoulder watching all the minions .
Lex had woken early that morning, taking her time to get ready, feed her pets, and hopefully take a little time to stretch and exercise in the facilities before the normal work shift. However this work out was interrupted early with a surprise notification on her tablet. As was the case, she had to finish up earlier than expected, cleaned up, rushed through getting back to her room, and hydrating on her way to the meeting.

She barely got there before everything started, finding a place nearby some of her fellow Base Ops people to listen. She initially kept her thoughts to herself, considering how it would be interesting to work with the Military section. But the assignment was something she thought would be good. Secure new food sources was something she had learned to do from a young age. But in the end this would be a much larger operation than to find such for yourself or just a family.

The new people was going to be interesting to her as well, however she supposed that most of the initial relations would likely be handled by the more "Diplomatic" career people, not the ones that knew of how to run a stall and sell goods to those looking to spend their money. However she quietly nodded as her eyes shifted to watch the others for a moment, waiting to see what details would possibly be given shortly.

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