Isla Aukate
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Ah, right. The rumors.
It was obvious that if the Overlord had chosen to open relations with those humans, they would have necessarily been harmless - or at least not dangerous - regardless what some of the more pessimistic minions could say, but Garran appreciated Steele's reassurance regardless. Though, his ears flattened when the General mentioned technological exchanges, and his tail flicked nervously.

The sphinx looked at his colleagues with an expression between that of a worried mother and that of a kid forced to share his piece of cake, but before he could say anything Evelyn gave voice to his exact thoughts. True, most of the things R&D worked on were going to be public anyway, but some things just were not meant to be given away so freely.

"Wait a minute!" He whishpered to the others. "He said we're going to trade. How much advanced are these humans?"

(sorry for the two posts at short distance, but chronologically it wouldn't have worked other ways)
Razor laughed, gripping the wolf's palm with a strong, friendly squeeze. "Ah do say so indeed, mah brotha! None of us are dead from the whole fiasco, makes fo' a good day". The sharp slap to his back had him wheezing slightly, and he fixed Angus with an exaggerated, pained grin.

"Ah was feelin' a'ight fo' you tried to break my back just now, Bear Boy McStuffins" The shark replied before giving his friend a play punch to the arm. "The sickness sho' 'nuff didn't do me in, but ya' greetin's might!" He would have said more, but Commander Steele had begun speaking on the matters at hand around the Citadel concerning the new arrivals and the parts all the departments would play. So these guys were going to be new allies? At least that's what is sounded like. Though he could see some of the concerned looks on the other's faces, he was happy that the commander took the time to assure past events WOULDN'T be repeated this time around. The shark himself was very much the "know me now, judge me later" sort, so he was fully willing and ready to help out the new guys in anyway he could.

"Eh, ah'm sure it'll be fine. Ya' know how that saying goes: Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, git a fistful o' mah five finger death punch!" Well, that wasn't how the saying actually went, but his version was better anyway.

He did smirk a little when the R&D group seemed a little more reserved about sharing ALL of their tech with these new humans...which he couldn't blame them. Those projects were like their children and you didn't just hand your children off to complete strangers. At the moment, he was pretty clear about what was going to go down and settled back to listen to the other questions and issues that may be brought up by his fellow minions.
Shard listened to all the other questions being asked, by other minions from other departments. Glad to know he wasn't the only one who had a question to ask about this new group of humans that had arrived. Though he was also curious about the fact they would be trading with them, he would have asked that question himself, but he got beaten to the punch one might say. Either way Shard knew one thing for certain, the next few days would be very interesting indeed. He was already looking forward to meeting them. So many different scenarios ran thru his head about what to expect, would he be disappointed if something wasn't like he envisioned? That was when however he remembered a piece of advice his father had given him the day he left for Kua kua

"Don't go into this with high expectations, Son. No expectations, No disappointments."

It was good advice and Shard followed it religiously.
Lex nodded to the questions that were proposed, but slowly slipped through the gathered members of the Overlord's minions towards her fellow Base Ops members. All the while, she kept her ears swiveled towards the general and his compatriots.

After a few moments of scuttling through the crowd, she eventually drew up next to Shard, giving the fox a gentle nudge and a smile to say hello silently before nodding towards the general to show it was a good time to pay attention.
Shard returned the smile and gave a nod of greeting to Lex. Then returned his attention to General Steele. He heard whispers going about the crowd and decided to voice his own opinion to Lex.

"I don't know about you" he said in a hushed tone turning his head in her direction but keeping his eyes focused on The General. "But I'm Kinda excited about this. I mean If it's true and these guys are nothing like Titan, then that's a plus in my book already. Can't wait to see what kinda stuff they'll be trading with us."

Shard then turned his head back to Steele. "The next few days are going to be interesting indeed"
Darius answered each question in turn, sliding through some notes he'd made in preparation. They certainly weren't laid out answers by any stretch and though written somewhat in english they were in shorthand so convoluted they might as well be a different language for as much as they'd make sense to anyone else.

"As of this time It's far too early to tell if anyone will be joining us. Indeed, if relations with them go well, there won't be any reason to."

He turned to Archeus. "Finished working Technology, I hardly expect you lot to share your prototypes this early. But I will lead the rest of that up to Lady Bane's discretion, you'll do better checking with her. She'll be in her office after you are all dismissed. I think you will be pleasantly surprised what these individuals are here to offer you."

Darius looked over at Tigermark. "They have already arrived on Aukate. I plan on arranging for a meeting with Tungsten tomorrow at the earliest to work out the start of the exchange. Neutral ground of course..." He was just about to readdress the crowd and ask if they had any more questions when Archeus approached him. Darius switched off the microphone before she could say too much.

"I have a few people in mind, Evelyn... however I'm glad you're here. After the meeting I would like to see both you and Mark in my office. There's something I need to tell you that isn't something her Majesty wishes to be public." He switched the microphone back on. "Any other questions?"

No-one had seen Dexter since the tail-end of the outbreak and Darius hadn't heard from him. He couldn't count on him at the moment to head up the Base ops mission, that task would fall to Tigermark for now untill Cobalt or someone just as capable was found to head up the department.
Mark listened to Darius' answer carefully. So the new ones were already here. He saw Professor Archaeus approach the General and have a brief exchange with him. Darius asked for any last questions in preparation for ending the meeting. The tiger held his peace and his place, as he could tell the Professor had something to tell him by the way she looked as she made her way in his direction. He looked over and saw Keir Mahlonne, Razor Triakis, and Angus O'Brown standing together and waiting for the meeting to end. he raised a hand in their direction and caught Keir's eye.

"You three hold on, I want to talk to you after the meeting," he mouthed.
All Hail the Overlord!
Keir was about to turn around and head back to his room and then out to the armory to grab his lance. However, after glancing back at the captain and General Steele one last time, he saw Tigermark trying to get his attention. As the captain mouthed his message to the wolf, Keir nodded and grabbed his two friends arms just before they walked off.

"Hang on guys. Captain M'Rega asks that we stay a little longer. He wants to speak to us General Steele releases us all," Keir explained as his ears flicked towards the officers and Professor Archeus. There must be something else important he wants to explain to us before we arm up," the wolf finishes as he lets go of Razor and Angus' arms.
"You may or may not return home. If I decide to allow you to get back, it will be on my terms and the commander’s.” 
~ Keir speaking a lemur in custody during a scene from my novel.
Angus looks at the wolf and then at the commander standing a bit away and nods
"probably special instructions how we should interact with the other forces." he muses out loud so that Keir and Razor only hear him.
He tightens his uniform looking himself over if everthing sits fine.
" you know normally I would now lie in bed and take a good long nap after my graveyardshift" he mutters a bit.
Then he sighns "but I will wait and see what the commander wants from us. I probably need a lot of caffeine on this day."
He opens his second can of coke and takes a sip out of it.
Razor had been kind of eager to run back to the mess hall to get more food after the meeting dismissed. He was already thinking about the yummy morsels he was going to devour, but his thought process was jarred with Keir grabbed his arm. Ol' Tigermark wanted them for something?? Well heck yeah! Food could wait till after orders were given then.

" 'Spose we should stick around..." He cast a concerned glance in Angus's direction, "Yeah, you're not exactly bright eyed and bushy tailed this mornin' are ya, bud?" Grave yard shift wasn't so awful when sleep followed right after...but with what was going on today, he wasn't sure when his bear friend was going to get to rest. "No worries, though! I'mma keep ya wide awake wit my charm n' wit! Ya' won't be fallin' sleep on my watch! Keir can help too" The shark added at the end, giving the tall wolf a friendly elbow jab to the side. "Ain't that right?"

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