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Evelyn gave a nod. "Of course commander." She stepped back to let Commander Steele finish.
Sylvian continues to go over things on his tablet as General Steele answers the questions posed to him. The majority of the answers are nothing out of the ordinary, though the statement that the group had already arrived on the island did worry him a bit. Truthfully, it was not his place to complain, as he serves at the pleasure of the Overlord, but Sylvian cannot help but frown slightly at the news.

He really will have to speak to Lady Bane after they are dismissed, they had just recovered from the debilitating illness that had swept through, and Sylvian does not want another to happen.

So, he stays quiet, as his concerns are better spoken to his direct superior, where a conversation can be had without the constraints of needing to pay attention to multiple divisions. Besides, as much as the doctor respects General Steele, he isn't exactly someone who can answer medical questions, being more of a military type.

Finishing his notes, Sylvian folds his hands behind his back, tablet in his hands, and watches General Steele, waiting to see if anyone else raises questions.
Shard look over at Lex as they were told about the assignments for each section.
"So we're gonna be going and helping these new humans settle in. That's cool but...Who are we reporting too? I don't know about you, but I've not seen Cobalt for a little while now."
There was a heavy stomping on the ground headed toward the citadel. A few moments later the huge doors flew open and there standing there flanked by a few of his officers was General Alfendi Tungsten. Darius went rigid as he saw the General.

"Steele!" The Highblood boomed, smiling congenially. "You didn't tell me you were having a party, I hope you don't mind that I decided to drop in, though it seems my timing is perfect." He lowered his gaze to the minions around him, barely any of them even reaching past his waist. "As I am certain your General has already informed you I am General Tungsten of his Orichachion Vanadium, I come in peace and wish nothing more than to work with her Majesty Overlord Fox toward a common goal." He grinned brightly at everyone in the room. "I would like to extend the offer to anyone interested, a tour of our ship to put to rest any worries or fears of our intentions here."

Darius did well to hide his rage and took a deep steadying breath. "Welcome, General, I had hoped to invite you later, but seeing as you are here now I might as well push my plans forward. There are several among my people who would like to work with you and your crew to come up with ways to work together." He turned to Archeus and Tigermark. "I'll go find Hector, he'll head up Base ops until I can locate Dexter. You two keep Tungsten occupied."
After General Tungsten finished his introduction to the assembled Minions, Shard couldn't help but find the offer of the tour of the ship too good to pass up. Making his way out of the crowd he stood in front of the colossal General. Looking up as high so he could to look him in the eye. "Hi". he said with a smile while offering his hand "I'm Shard, Base Ops: custodial division. And I would like to take you up on that offer to tour your ship"
Socks heard a commotion outside, but the doors flew open before she could reason what the noise was. Leaping nearly a foot into the air at the sudden arrival, she ducked out and got as far from the behemoth of a man as she could without leaving the area. Peeking out from behind one of the other minions, she listened to the announcement and offer. She had to admit, she was intrigued, but it would have to wait. She was sure the officers would pick and choose who all would go, hopefully from applicants.
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"I don't think many of us have seen him in some time, but I assume he is fairing well," Lex responded to Shard before the commotion and the titanic form of who was to be introduced as General Tungsten. She took a moment to take in the figure's size first, of all. She had learned a certain eye of observation in her times before coming to the Overlord's service. In her mind it was often good to take a moment, let others speak and take the time to observe as that can sometimes lead to a level of understanding of newcomers. But overall, she did notice there was a bit more of a relaxed, no, welcoming air to Tungsten's manner. Perhaps he was used to how imposing the size of his figure could be around others, and used a welcoming attitude to try and defuse the caution given around someone of that nature.
TM stood, awaiting Prof. Archaeus, who was just getting a last question answered from General Steele. He then noticed a peculiar rhythmic vibration. If not for the regular strike of it, he'd have thought it a small earthquake, which happened from time to time on the island. Now he was sure that wasn't the case, as it grew louder and was now audible. There was a brief pause as the sound stopped right outside the gates. The main gates to the Citadel were large affairs, consisting of a set of double steel doors twenty feet high, able to easily accommodate any of the dinosaur denizens of Tiunu should they ever visit. There was an assist mechanism, as the doors were too heavy for most to move. These huge doors now suddenly flew open, and the source of the loud rhythmic sound could be seen. A very large human, over 9 feet tall in TM's estimation, stood there, flanked by a few other humans of more normal stature. The tiger tensed. No one in the assemblage of minions was armed with even a shock baton. Then again, the guards at the gate would have locked the gates down unless someone authorized the group of arrivals through. The large human boomed out a greeting, which was boisterous and loud. Darius had visibly tensed, but managed a steady and civil response. When he turned to them, TM thought fast. Since cordiality seemed the rule of the day so far, he set his part of the plan in motion. addressing the three military minions he's called to earlier, he spoke a brisk command.

"You three! Fall in at attention behind me, I'm going to talk to General Tungsten."

He then called to Shard, "Minion Loren, I'm sure any such tours will be arranged through your section and the Overlord, as you were."

He then stepped forward through the crowd and stopped directly in front of the huge human. From long practice at dealing with creatures larger than himself, he drew himself up to full height and met the general's eyes evenly and calmly. He bowed from the waist, only about ten degrees or so. Standing upright again, he addressed the human.

"Welcome General Tungsten. I am Captain Mark M'Rega of Her Majesty Overlord Fox's Minions, Military Branch. I and three other minions will be performing duties as security detail for your crew as we work together to find areas for your people to find food here on the island. Fish are plentiful just off the coast, and the Base Ops crew you'll be working with will negotiate fishing areas for you. We work carefully to make sure we don't overfish any area. We'll also work with you to make sure there is plenty of edible forage for your people. We will provide the security escort just so anyone who sees your people will know you're there as friends of the Overlord, and not hostiles. Is there anything I and my team can do for you right now?
All Hail the Overlord!
Garran’s ears picked up the commotion outside the Lair, but dismissed as the usual noises of the busy place. One gets used to background noises after a bit. He realized with a second late though that everyone was, actually, there with him, and nobody could have been outside making such mess, so he turned suddenly when the huge doors opened.

There stood a giant.

It took all the pride and dignity of his mythical lineage to not just mewl like a kitten and duck, though his fur poofed up a bit anyway. Not that he wasn’t used to see big creatures; but the ideas of “human” and “big creature” were mutually exclusive in Garran’s mind, and as such the resulting sight seemed like someone photo-shopped that man on the background violating every rule of perspective. The fact that doors that would have withstood a cannon hit were flung open didn’t make things easier. At least I’m not the only one, he thought as he glanced at Socks ducking away. He stepped a bit to the left to cover the space now void and allow her to get less noticed.

The giant talked. General Tungsten… so that was the man General Steele was talking about. Damn, that was not good. He shouldn’t have been here, preparations were to be made, nothing was in order, no one was really organized yet! He looked at Archeus to see her reactions, because he felt really in a bad spot right now…
From where he is standing, Sylvian doesn't immediately feel concern over the rumbling in the ground as they are quite common with the Liar being powered by a volcano. Of course, he is no geologist, so perhaps his comfort is simply based in ignorance.

However, as the tremors grow stronger, and closer, Sylvian's ears flick back in annoyance and growing worry, his mind calculating the proper procedures for treating crush and laceration injuries that would doubtlessly be incured by an earthquake while so many minions are gathered in a single place. Truthfully, there are likely to be very few injuries in the event of an earthquake, what with the way the liar is built, but as a Doctor he can't preclude the possibly that the minor tremors were the leadup to something large enough to rock even the sturdy lair to the point of some structural failure.

His thoughts, however, are quickly cut off by the doors on the far end of the room bursting open, and the tallest human he has ever seen striding through them. He calls out to General Steele, and smiles warmly at everyone present, a smile that Sylvian finds himself returning as the giant's enthusiasm is somewhat infectious.

Of course, there is also the fact that now there is a face to the name, as the giant introduces himself quickly as General Tungsten. His invitation to tour his facilities tempts the doctor, however Sylvian knows his place, and honestly would rather go there officially rather than on the whim of their newest neighbor. 

Unsure of what to do next, Sylvian looks around for someone else from Medical, or more importantly someone higher in the food chain than him in R&D. Finding no one in sight, Sylvian sighs and walks forward to stand a short distance behind Captain M'Rega, far enough away to not be considered attempting to be a part of the conversation, but also present in case the Captain required someone from Medical, or even an R&D officer, on hand. As he waits, knowing not what else to do, he goes back to fiddling with his tablet by opining a new document and making observations and notes on the General and his officers.

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