Isla Aukate
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Angus flintched when the big doors where banged open and a mountain of a man walked into the hall.
He must be more tired than he admitted to himself because he didn´t feel or hear this man beforehand. When the man began to speak to General Steele he finally could place him as the new leader of the group they should assist.

When Captain M'Rega issued his order Angus didn´t hesitated and fall in line behind the tiger.
Standing a step behind his officer he mimicked his bow which he practiced in long hours with his fellow minions to be prepared for parades and offical visits as he looked the big human up and down.

He also thought about how General Tungsten could get into the lair. There are some guards outside who should controll who gets in and who shouldn´t.
He made a mental note to adress it to the captain in a private moment.
Keir could hear and feel the vibrations of something coming towards the lair through the soles of his feetpaws. He swiveled his large lupine ears back, attempting to register what could possibly make such a racket in the halls. However, the dark wolf didn't have time to figure that out. Right as he glanced over his shoulder at the massive steel doors to his back, they swung open and Keir visibly jumped and turned around, backing up between Razor and Angus as his ears remained flat to his head and a slight scowl crossed his long muzzle.

When the giant of a being stepped in view properly, Keir gasped softly and lost his scowl. He had seen several of the humans who worked under Her Majesty Fox, but never had he seen any that were as tall the man who introduced himself as General Tungsten. The hulking man began to speak, so loud Keir was sure the man was partially deaf or something. The voice was loud enough that the dark wolf flinched a bit and crouched ever so slightly.

After Tungsten's introductions, Keir heard Tigermark calling to him, Angus, and Razor. Nodding a bit to the tiger, Keir followed Angus and got in line a couple steps behind the bear and copied the bow that both he and Tigermark performed. His ears were still halfway back and his tail waved about nervously behind the tall wolf's digitigrade paws but he was calming himself nonetheless as General Tungsten appeared less and less of a threat to the minions.
"You may or may not return home. If I decide to allow you to get back, it will be on my terms and the commander’s.” 
~ Keir speaking a lemur in custody during a scene from my novel.
To say that the shark was prepared to see such a...large human enter into the facility would have been the lie of the century. Razor himself wasn't exactly a tall guy, so seeing the behemoth of a man stepping through those doors was more than a little concerning. He craned his neck slightly, taking in the guy's features, easily coming to the conclusion that he was basically a brick wall on two legs, and that was fearsome enough.

In spite of his own less than dignified, flailing reaction, he DID find it pretty humorous that Keir backed behind him and if they could protect him or something..what a guy. He managed to keep his amused snicker to himself, but he wasn't going to let that action slide.

Falling in line with his two brothers in arms at Tigermark's command, he bowed as well, doing his best not to seem like he was staring. Escorting this General around was going to be quite the spectacle indeed.
Tungsten watched the proceedings with amusement, and even more amused when the Janitor of all people approached him asking for a tour which caused the Highblood to raise his brows. Darius could not yet escape Tung’s presence as when the General rushed past him to find and retrieve Hector, Tungsten grabbed him by the scruff as if he were a kitten and pulled him back in front.  Steele’s nearly six and a half feet of height effectively dwarfed by Tung’s mass.  Darius’ mostly neutral expression faltered. Tung grinned widely at him and patted him on the back with enough force to stagger the man against his cane.  “Steele!  I must say I’m fascinated with how they run protocol here.  On Alvarni, they wouldn’t think of allowing subordinates such freedom compared to the discipline we had back home.  It’s very quaint.”

Darius looked up at Tung and forced a smile, when the highblood General looked away and over the crowd Darius gave Shard a look that told the janitor he’d be cleaning something disproportionately large compared to the q-tips and toothbrush he’d provide to clean it with.

Tung beamed down at Mark and leaned forward a little. “We need to know where and what food is safe for consumption and how much, also as we lack any sort of currency of this island we can however trade for some spending money.”

Darius carefully pulled himself away from the General at this. “I’m about to take care of that, I’m going to find our financial advisor and treasurer who can help with that further, if you’ll excuse me General.”

Tung chuckled and nodded, “I’m sure you would go running off in all the chaos, Darius, bring this man to me and we’ll all have a chat, mmm is there some place for us to sit while we talk about this?”
Mark watched as Shard's breach of protocol was used as a whipping point on Darius, and by extension the Overlord and all her minions. He was internally miffed, and even moreso when Darius was snatched and hoisted by the scruff like a week-old cub. The two obviously had a history, and apparently not a great one. So far Tungsten had been boisterous and somewhat friendly. Now though, he was being a bit of a bully. Still, the tiger had a job to do, so upon seeing Darius slip out of the large human's grasp and excuse himself, TM took charge of the situation.

"Pardon me a moment, General."

And then at a much higher volume and lower tone, "MINIONS! Unless your assignment keeps you here, DIS-MISSED! Clear the courtyard!"

And then to Kier, "Mahlonne! Go to the kitchen and bring back some refreshments for our guests. Fresh cool water and some fish should do. Something the database says is cleared for our guests to eat."

"O'Brown and Triakis! Form up and prepare to clear the way for us to the Grove. We'll go when the General is ready."

and then back to Tungsten.

"General, if you and your party would please come with me. We have a small park just over there we call the Grove. There is seating there that I believe will be suitable for everyone to sit and converse when General Steele returns with our accounting officer."

Finally, to Professor Archeus, "Evelyn, please accompany us. We will need your input here sooner rather than later. Also, please send Darius a message telling him where we are."
All Hail the Overlord!
After seeing the exchange between General Steel and Tungsten, Shard realized what he had inadvertently caused. All he had wished to do was present a less military and more down to earth welcome for the visitors by introducing himself and taking up the offer for the tour. A tour which he was certain he'd never get after this. Then the Look from Darius told the Arctic Fox what he would be in for following this.

Knowing he deserved it Shard squared his shoulders. Stood at attention and made a vow to himself to do what ever it took to set right what he'd done. A vow he intended on repeating to General Steele himself, once this meeting was over.

When Captain M'rega called for all minions to dismiss. Shard followed the throng of Minions, fully aware that he would no doubt be called by the general for his punishment. And what ever it was he knew he deserved it.
Jade watched the whole scene unfold, wincing in sympathetic embarrassment as the giant general made his not so subtle comments about the discipline of the minionship, as well as the manhandling of Darius. She was thankful to be dismissed, taking the opportunity to make her way to the labs where she could get back to her work for the day. She very much wanted to stick around and listen but it wasn't her place, and she needed to cut down her to do list anyway. She could practically hear the rumor mill running at the Freeze Ray already, and the sooner she got everything done, the sooner she could listen in on the grapevine.
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Lex shifted on her paws as she watched the scene unfold. She had to admit General Tungsten seemed a bit more friendly among people than many of the higher up generals she had heard about or General Steele. But much of this she felt she could attribute to personality, experience, or how they worked to gain their underling's trust and respect. But as the discussion of the assignments continued, she held her chin considering her own part, where food and supplies could be gathered. Possibly creating a guide of safe and unsafe flora and fauna for food, medicine, or even field materials could be good for those hot familiar with the islands.

For a few moments she appeared to be in thought as she cataloged some potential book resources, database entries, and personal experience, though she wasn't the fastest at putting them together in a tablet for sharing. But by the time she had thought through her options, she realized everyone had been dismissed, and started to look for Cobalt as she saw Captain M'rega would likely be busy for some time. But as they left, she sidled up to Shard for a moment. "So much excitement for a simple morning meeting?" she asked. "I did have an idea to put together possibly a resource guide, something to give General Tungsten and his people to refer to for safe and unsafe animals, plants, and materials? I'm sure something like that could be quite useful for a field guide, or to at least check what they have been given and supplement it," she offered.
Angus was a bit shocked when Tungsten picked up the General and basically put him back in frnt of him.
He couldn´t see if this was meant as an insult or just being a friendly chat. What he didn´t miss was the double standards Tungsten was having .
He wanted discipline and respect from the Minions but wouldn´t give them back. Storming into the meeting Hall and handling the General like a weak old animal.
That was no way to treat an ally, one who can just as easily break the pact and say that Tungsten wasn´t getting any help setting up camp.
When Commander Tigermark issued his orders he saluted him and taking front point to the Grove thinking about the best way and place to lead the group and eyeing some of the Minions who lingered back and blocking the way.
Now he just waited to get the heads up to get the group moving.
The whole scene had not been really pleasant to see, and while Garran managed to maintain an almost neutral expression during it he was relieved when they got dismissed. He gave a look at Archeus when commander M'rega asked her to follow them: she was surely able to keep a high profile and defend R&D in front of Tungsten, but that man was too cocky and full of himself. There was literally too much Tungsten for the whole meeting group.
Wishing her well in his mind, he followed the others at the labs. Neutral expression, hands behind his back, composed, but his mind was wandering, to the point he almost missed the labs and had to get back a few steps.

Garran wandered inside for a moment before finally approaching Socks. "Hey, Jade. What do you think of this whole situation?"

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