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The leopard shark grimaced a bit, noting how their Superior was treated by this guy, but 'ole Tung's comments were what actually made his temper boil slightly. Whether light insults or not, that was a low blow not to just General Steele, but to everyone under his command. As much as it didn't sit well with him, he was smart enough to know not to speak such a particular thought least for the time being. Didn't want to provide the man with even MORE fuel, now.

Angus and Keir would be sure to get an earful later about the whole thing, that much he knew was true.

Following Tigermark's orders, he was at the ready opposite of Angus, ready to get a move on.
Keir felt bad for General Steele and the way that Tungsten picked him up like a toy. Not to mention his comments. That was something Keir didn't think was necessary. After giving a quick nod to Captain M'Rega, the dark wolf dismissed himself from the throng of minions exiting the meeting as he pulled his tablet from his jacket pocket and opened it, striding towards the kitchen.

After getting there, he grabbed one of the kitchen staff and told them that Tigermark was requesting several servings of water and fish that was suitable for the visiting humans, showing the staff member the diagram on his tablet. The staffer nodded and went about grabbing a couple other members and the recommended food and glasses of water. Keir mentioned that he needed one big enough for General Tungsten, who was a Highborn. The first kitchen member nodded and grabbed a larger cup, nearly three times the size of the others, and filled it as well.

Once everything was ready, Keir and the staff grabbed the carts and began to roll them towards the courtyard where Tigermark was having Tungsten rest for a bit. As they got there, Keir gave a slight bow to General Tungsten and to Tigermark before passing the large human his glass of water and lifting the lid from the plate of fish.

When he was certain that everything was in the proper position, Keir nodded to the kitchen staff and had them back off but stay close. He stepped back into line next to Angus, standing at attention and awaiting the Captain's orders.
"You may or may not return home. If I decide to allow you to get back, it will be on my terms and the commander’s.” 
~ Keir speaking a lemur in custody during a scene from my novel.
Proffesor Archeus followed the Captain over to General Tungsten. "I am Captain Mark M'Rega of Her Majesty Overlord Fox's Minions, Military Branch "" Is there anything I and my team can do for you right now?".   Evelyn approached.
"General" she gave a professional nod. "Evelyn Archeus, at your service. R&D stands ready; Sir. Our members are looking forward to assist and engage with your crew."
She took a moment to give Garran a reassuring wink. Letting him know everything was OK.
She stepped back.
Doctor Greymyst linger for a few moments while the rest of the minions wander off back to their duties, so as to be sure that he isn't needed. However, when it becomes clear that he is not required, he silently turns and makes his way back towards the medical wing of R&D.

Before long the wolf-doctor finds himself back in his office, where he calmly goes back about his duties with the same ease and care as if it was a normal day in the Lair.
watching the meting from the crowd Dean jumped when Tungsten burst in, getting back composed Dean watches his actions and listens to his words. says one thing and shows another with his actions by picking up General Steel like a kit.

waiting for the meeting to end Dean heads off to get a bite to eat and then to report for his shift in base ops.

Quick lunch over Dean clocks in and starts checking the tasks on today's agenda.

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