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Ketha Chambers
Name: Ketha Chambers

Island of Birth: Tiurai

Age: 30

Preferred Occupation: Anything involving work within or near the water.

Species: Dragon

Eye Color: Greenish blue

Hair Color: Green

Height: 8'6"

Brief Description: Standing digitagrade tall, thin, and a swimmer's physique are the best descriptions of Ketha's overall physique. Her hide is a deep oceon blue with her chest and belly a similar green as her hair. Her hair tends to be kept long, down to the small of her back, and is usually messy. Two thick horns poke out from her hair and point straight back. Ketha's tail is the strongest part of her, thick with muscle and very nearly as long as she is tall. The tail ends in two triangular shaped horns that point inward toward one another.

Character Background: Ketha was born in a fishing village on her home island. From a very early age she was a natural swimmer and loved the ocean and all things water related. Unfortunately while she took to the water like a fish, she didn't quite get her land legs. She often finds herself bumping into things or people, especially with her tail. This often leads a small wake of broken objects and bruised people wherever she goes.

Her father ran a fishing trolley of his own and taught his daughter how to operate and work on the boat as she grew up. For several years he even gave her a job once she came of age. Yet despite enjoying the path life she heard and saw the growing power of her neighboring isle. Curiosity and the possibility of finding a way to get a better control of herself on land. If nothing else she felt it might be an interesting adventure.
Character approved!

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