Isla Aukate
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Isle Aukate - Page 1022
[Image: 1022.png]
The answer lies in front of you: the Chirr! I can totally see our dear new Nemesis release some Chirrs in the wild, knowing how Artemis would feel and how Cobalt or Silver would react, ie they'd fetch a Chirr so Artemis would feel better.
I would say that could be true, however neither Silver or Cobalt are showing symptoms and Cobalt would of been patient zero since he interacted with the Chirr first.

I'd also would like to point out that unless Jet was exposed to every sick person on base so far he's probably not the culprit.
Maybe it was in the wine that Paria delivered. Not that I'd implicate her in anything.
Well, snake-rats have delivered things to the base before...
Why wait until you find the dispenser? I’d start on that vaccine the second I figured out what the illness was.

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