Isla Aukate
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Swiftstep Arts
Well since there are other pages, I figure I'd add my own page. I'll have to dig through my computer for my original sketch of him, but here's the art that I've used on the icon, and is the main depiction of him, courtesy of Fox ^^, and the Patreon Member sketch of him from a couple months ago.

[Image: kenku-49182.cover.png]
[Image: z1BLG2H--8A4rR1d9JY9raMyZUn64nDJcGYLcqNd...=2048x1536]
Pateron Req #1 - William happily talking with his parents the morning before training

[Image: Foxenawolf%20-%20Pateron%20Sketch%201.png]
New pic OF future minion with a cutie ^^ 

[Image: 7ie24MOK1nfuUSO8sqVQ9rA4N6pNIupQdDVhxnNP...ize_mode=3]

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