Isla Aukate
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Amos Ray English
(OOC: Once again open to review and critique, any and all opinions are welcome.)

Name: Amos Ray English
Island of birth: Maati
Age: 59
Preferred occupation: Primarily a Psychiatrist, Medical, Science (Biology)
Species: Jackal
Gender: Male
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Grey
Height (in feet and inches): 5'1

Brief character description: A short, pudgy and handsome old man. With age tainting his once rich black fur, he is quite grey these days. Despite this, his disposition is always warm and friendly, acting like a kindly grandfather to many people he interacts with. Dressed in suit and tie, he always looks his best, and keeps his grey beard well trimmed. Upon his back, is a intricate set of white lines that decorate his fur, as well as a birthmark on his left shoulder, colored red oddly enough. Known for rich tastes, he enjoys smoking cigars and pipes, tasting fine wines, and eating fine foods... all in abundance. If he can be criticized for anything, it would be his gluttonous consumption. He accepts this fact however, and is fully aware of it.

Character background/history: Born into a wealthy family on the island of Maati, originally descended from Tiurai. He was raised with quite literally a silver spoon in his mouth. His family being one that controlled one of the many factories on Maati. He was raised with the initial intention of inheriting the company, and continuing the family's powerful position there, especially considering he was the eldest. He refused however not wanting anything to do with the company or the family business. He was disowned at the age of 20, once his mother and father had given up hope on changing his mind, and he was cast out much to the glee of his siblings. 

After this, he traveled around for quite a while. Until he married a mouse from Tiaanuare, and settled down on Aukate at the age of 32. For some years, he worked as a carpenter, but, eventually went and started schooling to become a psychiatrist. Making this his life's work, he even went back to school and learned quite a bit about medical science and biology. For many years he enjoyed this passion, and was very happy, and had 3 fine children along the way.Now that he is about to turn 60, he has decided that he wants to go experience a new aspect of life. This is what has driven him to sign up with the overlord's forces, and he hopes he can put his skill set to some use if possible.

(Edits made: Removed OOC concerning guns and weapons. 2/12/2016
Edits made: Reworked entire character, begs for forgiveness upon realizing he did not read all the required info before making his character. 2/13/2016)
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Eli, The Overlord has a very strict nonlethal force only policy. The military branch of the minions use electrical shock poles, or the occasional "e-ray" device. Guns, and even bows are not allowed. Even off-duty. Utility knives are allowed, but I don't think those are allowed during basic training. If I'm wrong on that Foxena, please correct me.
All Hail the Overlord!
Silver Carries a knife, but it's mostly used for fishing, And if Fox ever found out Darius had a sword she'd do her damndest to decommission it. You're going to want to look into having proficiency in a Bo staff. Minions carry weapons of such nature but with electrified ends that can be turned on and off.

Guns within the union are illegal and black-market only. For anyone who is apart of the union if they are found with a gun they will have it confiscated and decommissioned. A special request is the only way to get it returned, albeit it will never work again. (Hot lead or similar will be poured down the barrel.)

Islands that are part of the union aside from Aukate are November, December, January, February, March, April and May. June is attempting to become part of the union, and July and October have no interest in such, and September's political status at this time is unknown.
Yeah. No conventional guns. Only the various "E-rays" which typically work like the polymorph spell in World of Warcraft by turning the target into a harmless (and usually adorable) animal.

BTW, I don't know if you'd be interested for your character, but we do have at least one other minion who has a well-functioning artificial limb. Something to think about, as the tech is available.
All Hail the Overlord!
Well, it would really depend on how expensive and how accessible the technology would be for such a thing? If it is really quite easy to just give him his arm back. I would probably have to rehash his flaws a little. Could you elaborate on how easy it is to have the arm replaced? Would it be something only minions could get their hands on?

In the case of weapons, sure thing. Since he will have a single arm, would it be possible for him to just have a sword version of the Bo staff? Like, it's still a stick, but it's shorter and easier to wield with one hand. Of course, this would require that the device have only one electrified end.
"What would you do for a better world?"
Tigermark has a good idea on the whole artifical limb. One member to talk to would be TheSphinx(?). His OC Garran has an artificial arm, and believe he said he rebuilt the first one himself at home, then was able to get help from doctors on Aukate. But I don't remember for sure. Youw should shoot him a PM and talk!
"You may or may not return home. If I decide to allow you to get back, it will be on my terms and the commander’s.” 
~ Keir speaking a lemur in custody during a scene from my novel.
Shock batons have been issued to those who prefer a one-handed weapon. It is about two and a half feet long, depending on how tall you are (but that's average.) with a handle grip and an electrified end. These are usually dual wielded, but if you wish to stay only one-armed this would be ideal. You can have a prosthetic made, it may not be terribly reactive and in the heat of combat it may be unwise to rely on it. Garran's limb if I recall correctly, still malfunctions and it doesn't work flawlessly at all. But it's also a work in progress which is mostly what I like seeing, a character that is a work in progress with plenty of room to grow and evolve in their interactions with others. Most healthcare is pretty affordable and a basic prosthetic wouldn't be out of the scope of affordability.
Oh neat! Another character with a disability and on the opposite arm. My character will be relieved to know he's not the only one with a disability. Interested to see how your character will develop.
Keep moving forward! No matter what! That's my creed. 
Completely reworked the character, and I decided I would try a different angle I hadn't done before. Critique to your hearts delight my fellows.
"What would you do for a better world?"

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