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Kitt Beesley
Name: Kitt Beesley
Island of birth: Tiànuare
Age: 24
Preferred occupation: blacksmith with possible herbalist assignments
Species: Red Fox
Eye color: Emerald Green with electric blue flecks
Hair color: Deep red
Height (in feet and inches):6' 0" 

Brief character description: easy going yet highly motivated. Kitt is of slight build and stand at an even six feet tall on digigrade feet. He sports rust red fur with black ears with a permanant metal ear cuff peircing in his left ear, silver gloves, and black socks. All four of his canines are white gold implants due to an incident growing up. His movements are very deft and precise from his training in the forge and his love of outdoor activities

Character background/history: Kitt was born on the January island to Tammy and Bjorn Beesley. He is the oldest of four siblings and had quite a noisy upbringing. When he wasn't in classes Bjorn would teach him how to forge the different metals and Tammy would teach Kitt about the different medicinal herbs. When he was fifteen he got into a fight and broke his canines tripping into a flight of stairs. The dentist thankfully had agreed to trade a couple blades from the forge to fix the broken teeth. When he turned 21 Kitt started working in the forge full time before deciding to set off to a warmer island and making his own way. At the port he met a recruiter and after a lengthy disscusion decided to try his fate working for the Overlord.
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