Isla Aukate
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Isle Aukate - Page 1084
[Image: 1084.png]
Artemis is so adorable in the bottom panel!
TM: Hmm. True.
That's the second or third most adorable that Artemis has been.
Should explain why he wants to find this Ammolite person right away. The whole 'I'll explain later' usually turns out to be too late and bad...
Tamara: Hmm. I suspect Ammolite, if she/he's there, might ask about him, and might even explain the other side of the story.

Or this could turn out to be nothing. Not sure.
Given the grimace on his face when he ask it, I'm not too sure that this is 'nothing'... Especially if he asks to keep it quiet.
I wonder if this Ammolite isn't a past lover or something...
Ammolite? Never! Take as much ammo as you can load in your harness!=D

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