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The Freeze Ray Cafe
Moving quickly between the bar and the tables, Kaitlyn took peoples' orders and delivered drinks. She was thankful she wouldn't have to do this once she was behind the bar, but it was good for her to learn what the pace would be and what all drinks were common. During a lull in business she made her way back to the crowd she started with.

"Wow, today's a busy day, hope they're not all like this or my arms'll fall off. Sorry about the wait. So, I'm still learning the uniforms. What do you all do around here?"
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Smiling warmly at the bartender Sylvian leans back slightly and runs a clawed digit over the gold thread on his uniform. "Well, like the Sphinx beside me, I work for the Overlord's Research and Development department," he pauses and chuckles a little. "Though, unlike my friend, I am one of the liar's senior medical staff, so I'm the one who gets to assist in keeping this lot healthy." he leans in resting his arms on the bar and sighing. "Especially after they decided to over-imbibe on nights out, hangovers are generally frowned upon when you are in Her Majesties service."

He then clears his throat and looks at the selection behind the bar, "And speaking of such things, do you have any local beers on tap? Something dark, preferably, I've never quite aquired the taste for IPAs or Lagers."

Looking over at the new arrival, he offers a warm smile and leans forward a little so he can look around Shard and Garren. "And, good evening, I couldn't help but overhear you saying your guard duty was a little boring?" He sighs slightly, his smile growing slightly. "Forgive me for saying, but I hope you have many more boring nights and days as a guard, because when things get interesting is when you and your friends end up on one of my tables with me plying what I went to Medical School to do. And while I am a very capable doctor, I do not wish to see you in need of a trauma doctor."

Falling quiet and leaning back, Syl crosses his arms and smiles sheepishly, "Uhm... sorry if I killed the mood for anyone... I've just seen a little much action in the medical wing as of late... it has my nerves a bit frayed."
Kaitlyn nodded as the doctor explained his uniform, noting the trim and filing it under "smart guy" in her mind, "Alright. And yeah, pretty sure we have something for ya." She made her way back to deliver the order to the barkeep who showed her the selection. She picked one and got a pint, misjudging how quickly the glass would fill and spilling a bit. Making her way back to the doctor, she wiped down the glass before setting it down before him.

"Sorry 'bout that, here ya go. I ain't one for beer but I see plenty of people drinking this one at parties so I figured it can't be bad."
I am an administrator from a technical viewpoint only. I just keep the forums up to date and free from spam, and have no authority regarding the roleplay universe; please contact Foxenawolf for RP issues :3
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Freya grinned at Kaitlyn.  "I work in Base Ops."  She replied to the otter's question of everyone's position.  "I do foraging, and field repairs."  She continued, still grinning.

She turned her head and attention to Sylvian when he spoke about the feelings she had voiced concerning guard duty.  "Oh, I didn't mean it that way sir."  She replied, shaking her head.  "I agree with you that guard duty isn't where you want excitement."  She continued in serious tones.  "It doesn't make boring any less....boring though."  She finished with a slight chuckle and a shrug, unsure if she had gotten her meaning across the way she wanted to.  

" mood's still fine sir."  She commented when Sylvian apologized.  "Sorry you've been so busy though...I'm sure as a trauma doctor, it's a bad day if you're busy."
Shard nodded knowingly as Freya described he mixture of feeling she felt on her first day. "Ah yes" she said smiling as he thought back, making sure he was fully facing her as she was him. "I can remember my first day here too. I'll be honest with you. I felt exactly the same way you did. It's all a little overwhelming at first but after a little while, to or three days tops, you'll get to be as comfortable here as if it was your home from the beginning."

Noticing her Uniform, and hearing her comment to the Doctor, he continued after taking a sip of his drink. "Base ops too, that's cool. I work Base Ops myself. Though I do more Custodial work then anything else and I love it. Sure I have to do a bit of guard duty too, but as you know we all have to. It's not so bad. I guess it depends on who you're working with at the time."

He took another sip of his drink "And Yes I do indeed." He said answering her question. "It's a great place to unwind after a good hard day. A place where you can come and let your hair down. And basically have a great time with friends both old" he said with an respectful nod towards Sylvian "And new" he said as he looked right at her. "So do you plan to come here often?"
Freya smiled fondly as Shard wen on to sum up how her first few days had been almost exactly. "It doesn't quite feel like home, but in my case I would call that a good thing." She paused to take a sip from her drink before she spoke again. "It feels like I belong here though, which magnitudes better." She finished, the tone of her voice almost thoughtful as she returned her full attention to Shard, and gave a toothy grin.

She nodded slowly when Shard mentioned being a member of Base Ops as well. It wasn't hard to tell that she was trying to place him, as if she'd perhaps seen him in passing once or twice and was now trying to remember just where that had been. Her eyes lit up, and her ears stood up straight as Shard mentioned custodial work, and recognition finally snapped into place. "Oh! That's right. I've seen you once or twice in passing. It's good to actually meet you, and thank you for the work you do." She told Shard with complete sincerity. She shrugged as guard duty was brought up again. "I suppose. Maybe we'll have it together sometime." She offered in response.

She grinned again when Shard mentioned that he came to the Freeze Ray often. "It does seem like a pretty fun place to hang out during off time." She nodded enthusiastically when when he asked if she planned to frequent the establishment on a regular basis. "I think I probably will." She paused for a thoughtful moment. "So what all goes on in this place.? I mean aside from the obvious." She punctuated the latter part of what she said by raising her glass, and taking a drink. "Live entertainment, games, events?" She threw out a couple examples.
"It's good to meet you too, and thank you much for the compliment on my work. It's always nice to know we in the custodial department are appreciated" he said with genuine gratitude and a smile. "And who knows, Maybe we will end up on guard duty together. It's certainly possible" He took another sip of his drink. He did find the comment about the Lair being better then her actual home confusing, but he decided that it was non of his business and if Freya wanted to discuss it she would.

At Freya's comment on the Freeze Ray Shard couldn't help but smile one again "Glad to here it. Yeah, I tell you I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't been told about this place. Don't get me wrong, as I said I love my work. But all work no play." he gave a soft chuckle before taking another sip of his own drink. When she asked about what goes on in the freeze ray Shard once again smiled, "What doesn't go on here. Firstly all the things you've mentioned happen here various days of the week. Sometimes they do Karaoke, I've even sat in on more then a few Quizz nights." he said with a laugh.
Kaitlyn peeked back in on the conversation when she heard the Freeze Ray mentioned. "Oh we got plenty for any time of day. Most people tend to show up later in the evening when the bar really opens up but if you're ever off during the day we do normal cafe stuff too. Coffee and sandwiches and all. The evenings, though, we got all kinds of stuff. Sometimes we do themed nights where all the music and drinks are based around some neat idea someone has."

She continued while the bartender was shaking some mixed drink for another order, "Usually we have live performances from around the islands, but sometimes we have the system set up to play music we get from the mainland. I like some of the punk stuff, though they don't play it much here. Maybe someday I can get one of my favorite cover bands to play a night." When the bartender finished, she carried the drink off with a couple others to the table that ordered them.
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