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Niya Wonderland
Name: Niya Wonderland
Island of birth: Titema
Age: 18
Preferred occupation: Couriers
Species: Grey Wolf
Eye color: Violet
Hair color: Black
Height (in feet and inches): 4'9"
Brief character description: Niya is a short grey wolf girl with short black hair and violet eyes, who is often mistaken as a child because of her small size, despite her small size she is fast and loves to help people. She has a scar her over right eye that left her blind. She has a tear in her left ear. Niya is quiet and listens to others side before speaking her mind, often she will worry about others before herself and act like a "mother hen". Niya likes to tell bad jokes and puns, Niya is very calm and peaceful most of the time she is often protective of those she cares for the most and get angry when they are hurt or crying, she likes to sing but dislikes being the center of attention. Often times you'll find her reading a fanfic or sneaking about to get a cookie.
Character background/history: Niya was a sibling born when she was 3 named Alex, Niya was 5 when she got the scar over her right eye was because her father got to drunk one night because of his PTSD of war, instead of getting angry and hating her father she understood. Niya got the tear in her ear was when she was 8 she was playing and got it caught on a branch. Her mother was a nurse and taught Niya and Alex to read, write, first aid and CPR, her father who was part of the military taught them history, and how to be sneaky to get a cookie when her mother wasn’t looking. Niya and Alex loved to play and explore the forest and see what they can find. Her motherly attitude is because often she was home alone taking care of her younger sibling when her mom was at work and her dad was deployed. When Niya was 13 her father died in the war protecting a citizen from a shooter, Niya looked up to her father and decided to join the military when she was old enough. When Niya turned 18 she joined the military to follow in her father’s paw steps.

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