Isla Aukate
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Isle Aukate - Page 1220
[Image: 1220.png]
To quote TeamFourStar's version of Krillin.

"Well that's ****ing ominous"
Methinks she overestimates her importance to Uru, not that he doesn't want an abundance of blood anyhow, but he's always wanted that I'd think.
If Uru truely is this comic's version of Loki.

He won't give two squats about her death, he just have a small chuckle about how her death is a inconvenience and look for the next person he can manipulate.
The pieces are moving...
"What would you do for a better world?"
She deliberately sacrificed herself, so Uru could rise to destroy & murder?

Or is this an illusion for Hector and Artemis' (Three's) benefit?

Uru is one sick serpent, either way 😳

Least we forget Paria... She's been lost to Uru as well..., unless there's some Darnathi gizmo in the ship that could save her ?? 😪
Yeah I've been meaning to ask that, What is up with this Three thing?

That is confusing me since Sagitar bought it up while posing as Tiber.

Also Muddypaws I don't think Uru had any intention of using Paria for his scheme, she is probably way too pure to fall for Uru's manipulations.
Be patient
Dead, at least physically.
'Reckoning day comes on the winds'?



Hurricane Alert! Everybody to the shelters!

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