Isla Aukate
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Isle Aukate - Page 1221
[Image: 1221.png]
I'm becoming sad now.
POW! Right in the feels...
Awwwww..... D:
I have removed this link due to it's disrespectful nature.
(08-26-2016, 11:52 AM)PhiltheCorgi Wrote: Everyone's reaction to this after the Sagitar was Tiber reveal

I click the video, see a dude ranting about how obvious and stupid the plot is.  Boy howdy thanks!  It's things like this that sure do give me the motivation to write the script knowing it's appreciated so much.  And yes, I wrote the script for the comic you're complaining about.  Fox gives me a rough plot and I polish and define it for her.  I'm proud of a lot of moments in this one too.  

I'm proud of how I came up with a workaround for how Ian could talk despite his vow of silence if he were in confession with Mella. It was a good opportunity to give him an excuse to talk about his feelings for Paria and remind the readers at the very beginning of the story that she was linked to Sagitar.  Did you know I have consulted actual clergymen for the abbey scenes to make sure I write them properly?

I'm proud of how I wrote Silver's 'drunk' lines earlier in the comic.  'Imma pretty pony!' still makes me giggle.  Fox established early on that the Darnathi are lightweights, but we wanted to show for future reference that another chemical that has an effect on them, chocolate, when mixed with wine produces a very interesting effect as well.  Cobalt's first attempt at chocolate wine was a limited success but it did cheer Silver up considering his state at the end of the last arc he was in.

I'm proud of how I came up with the way they would know it wasn't Darius' voice on the com because the real Darius would not be dismissive if he thought his daughter was in trouble.

I'm proud of how I used getting the door open as a vehicle for Hector to go werewolf.  And how the fact that he had established himself as the pack alpha shows repercussions in this arc because he can give Artemis direct orders and she's compelled to obey him.  No, she's not a wolf but she thinks like one and especially in an already stressful situation it was nigh impossible for her to disobey Hector.

I'm proud of how I finally got to reveal Artemis' real 'name' of Three.  And if my username isn't a giveaway, she's my character.  And yes, the explanation for that will come up later.  If you absolutely NEED a total infodump instead of assuming nothing will be revealed you could always join the patreon and read ahead.

I also do play with subtlety in the plot.  What did Sagitar gain from sitting in Fox's chair?  Sagitar's a hateful sadist.  She got the power she always craved.  What would a hateful sadist do if they got to suddenly make everyone think they were the big boss?  Particularly if it was a boss they loathed.  She got to play her petty empire games and debase Fox's name.  She got to dig through Fox's files and get all sorts of dirt on other people she hated and planned on screwing with in the future.  She got to play with Darius for a little while as well.  Her actions might not make sense, but that's because you are looking at them as someone who probably wouldn't burn the world around you out of spite.  And Sagitar is nothing but a spiteful, hateful, sadist who gets off on hurting people emotionally and physically.  Her flaw was that she assumed that as long as she looked like Hector's dead wife that he was too weak to bring himself to hurt her.  But even in her death gurgles her last few words were meant to hurt Hector as much as possible.  "Look Hector, you lost your wife again."

So if you hate the story, how about you just stop reading instead of needling it like this?  We established very early on that we are not afraid to kill off major characters.  But this isn't a GRRM level of bloodbath either.  Fox and I both love Paria, we knew it would hurt people a lot when this scene happened.  Originally she actually was not that big of a character but we decided to build up her friendship with Ian and make her more than just 'Sagitar's dire'.  In the process people fell in love with her and believe me, it hurt to write these scenes.  But a good story is not a good story without moments that punch you like this.  If every page was Darius sipping tea and Silver cuddling Artemis' tail then it would get boring really fast.  And if you write conflict then you need to do things to remind people that in conflicts, people get hurt and maimed and sometimes die.  

That's not bad writing.  Bad writing would be if we did it and nobody cared.

Now, I need to get back to working on the next script.  I hope you guys are interested in a little more info on the dinosaur island.  Muahaha.
I read a LOT of fiction, and one thing that I've always thought defines good writing is the ability to evoke emotion, to get people to care about a character that in reality is nothing more than a collection of words. To be able to get a reaction of true emotions about what happens to those characters whether good or bad. Life isn't all good, and if nothing bad ever happens in a story, it's a little one dimensional in my opinion. By this definition, I would say that this story is a great success.

Anyway, I felt an urge to share this opinion, and thank Artemis, and Fox for sharing a good story with the world.
If Paria dies, as a result of Sagitar dying... Could the reverse happen if someone (like Uru) killed Lady Bain?
I'm a idiot, not going to lie.

I'm publicly apologizing for my criticism, it was harsh, unnecessary, and uncalled for.

To the writers I say its your story, and not mine, You write this magnificent piece of work, and I got to this point and got upset.

I wanted to get a couple interactions in RP with Paria when my character was first introduced, but thats my bad cause I forgot the one rule of RPs based on active comics.

"Stuff Happens"

I'm sure a few others feel robbed of the opportunity, but I went overboard with my reaction and I'm deeply sorry.

I'm apologizing in full for my outburst, you can feel free to delete my video link, and I'll keep my outbursts under control.

I eagerly await the next page, good or bad in its outcome.

I do love this comic, and my overreaction was bad, please accept my apology.
(08-26-2016, 05:21 PM)Muddypaws Wrote: If Paria dies, as a result of Sagitar dying...  Could the reverse happen if someone (like Uru) killed Lady Bain?

When Sagitar made a dire from Artemis that was killed, Artemis just got her instincts back. Admittedly Artemis is tougher than most, but the host can live without the dire. The dire on the other hand....

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