Isla Aukate
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Isle Aukate - Page 1237
[Image: 1237.png]
I always found the mystical prospect of the whole "Names have power" interesting, i always loved it even when it usually turns out to be a bad thing, like a control spell or something.

Sometimes a name can be as powerful as the mightiest of actions, like how we all know we're in deep crap when or parents add our middle name when they call us. Smile

I believe the moment Fox returns and Artemis or Hector mention Uru...

I'd bet she's probably gonna chuck that statue of him out of her office or was in her quarters?
Hmm, she makes a good point! Quite worrisome...
As far as I remember, after her initial encounter with Uru, Fox had the statue locked up in a vault or something.

You certainly do not chuck that kind of powerful items carelessly like that, it's way too dangerous if someone picks it up and use, or become a tool of it, like Sagitar did.

One of the interesting question would be to know how Sagitar came in contact with Uru... Another would be to know what Artemis means exactly when she says that 'Three is what she is', and the kind of power this designation holds over her...
Well Sagitar was posing as Fox but the question remains did she do so before or after meeting Uru.

We still don't know how long she posed as Fox.
Tamara: During the "Diplomacy" arc, Harvey says that Sagitar was with the less friendly demons (AKA: Elementals, if my memory serves me well), who likely have/had contact with Uru.

Plus, in one of the arcs near that point, Pahili mentions recruiting someone with knowledge of both The Lair and the Darnathi... and Sagitar had knowledge of both.
Wow this is getting so twisted, and very very interesting.
*Holds up a bag of Popcorn and slowly eats from it*

Anyone wanna a bite?

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