Isla Aukate
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Isle Aukate - Page 1239
[Image: 1239.png]
"Sometimes the best disguise is achieved by simply shifting a few letters around"

Pretty clever but really risky cause if someone was being perceptive they would have seen though the deception, however anagrams also serve as good disguise only for the fact people are looking for faces when identifying unwanted persons not jumbled names.

I'm guessing this but I'm saying she's the bat in this page, reason for this guess was 3 hints consultant, desalination (you made me look up this word), and of course 'she'.
Oh, my. Got my reaction down perfectly to that line. Tongue
Told Reb to stay out of bars. Bad for his health.
@philthecorgi Actually she's a sugar glider. We wanted to pick an animal that naturally had solid black eyes.
*faceplates into keyboard*

God I thought I had something.
You know when I look back at it, the patterns makes sense all the way through in how the consultant was acting and in shape. Such wasn't in thought though at the time time.
I am right that she was clever by hiding herself by jumbling her letters though, and altering her appearance with magic also helped.
Ah, Miss Sari, a clever ruse!

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