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Prima Fauna
I don't... entirely understand. Most of the animals in the comic stand on two legs EXCEPT Bane for the most part anywy. (... and charlotte but she's a different case)

Standing on two legs = Bipedal.

Standing on four legs = Quadrupedal.
I understand that, but I had originally though, after reading through all the settings and history of the island.... Well, I don't really know what I thought. I just thought Prima wouldn't have been a native to any of the islands and that she would have had to find a way to them. Either way, Mark cleared it up for me and now that I know she'd be perfectly acceptable as a native, I have a much clearer path for her... I think. ^_^

I apologize if I come off as clueless or ignorant. I really am trying hard to understand it all and to make an acceptable background. ^_^"
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I'd also read the comic if you haven't already. You have to be a resident of the islands as there are no anthro-animals outside of them. :p.

Ignorance can be fixed with knowledge. Willfully staying ignorant, that would be irritating. It seems to me at least you are trying to learn. Again ask questions. (just please don't fire hose me with them like say.... more than three per-post, I get overwhelmed too) c:

I'll do my best to be patient as well.
I am reading the comics. :3 I have read through all the coloured comics and now I am reading through all the sketched ones. :3

^_^ I will try to remember to ask things if I need too. I just hate to be bothersome.

And thank you for being patient with me. I know I can sometimes require more patience than some people, but I can promise I try my hardest to understand fully the first time around! (I understand getting overwhelmed. I get more overwhelmed IRL when around more people than I do online, but I still get overwhelmed online. Especially if I come across as unpleasant. o.e)

Also, I hope that my latest updates are at least a few steps closer to being acceptable material. Well, not acceptable. I want Prima's background and history to be fully fuctional. Not exactly superb, but gosh darn I want it to be on par and pleasing! (And definitely far from being a Mary Sue.) XD
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I'll give her a good look over when I have more of a brain. <3 My nocturnal lifestyle sadly doesn't always come with coherence just before my "Bedtime"
XD I understand that! (I'm nocternal as well.) You rest well and take care of yourself! >u<
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Okay I've finally gotten around to looking at character profiles again. While I do like the big robust posts on the forum, it can be very daunting when it's a character profile with a lot to go over. I got about halfway through when I realized a lot of your information could be condensed considerably. Anything that gets trimmed can be expounded upon later in the RP itself. BAsically if you can condense this to about 3 paragraphs That would be great. It also means that others reading your profile can get a good idea of where you're coming from at a glance instead of tl;dr.
Ok! I managed to tone it down. ; u ; It was so hard. I don't know why I have such difficulty shortening my writing because to me it all seems essential. I had this trouble in school, even, when a teacher would give a page and a half of work and it just seemed too short to condense!

I hope it is alright now! I apologize for the long writing! To me it wasn't that long so again, I'm sorry! >u< I hope it is just easier to read now!
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