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Minor Delays.
I haven't spent long enough with Blizzard to hear it, though it's about the same with LOTRO. Wink

Yeah, Blizzard actually may or may not have put a copywright onto it xD
I am not rushing you, and you are probably busy.

Do you have a time set for when we could start roleplaying again? If not it's perfectly okay.
"What would you do for a better world?"
(01-23-2017, 10:39 PM)Foxenawolf Wrote: So "Soon" tm is really all I can promise. But I can at least say that when I DO return we'll have new threads for BC graduates too.

See these links for the meaning of 'Soon':
@Tamara, you are not being helpful, you are being rude and condescending. Consider this your last warning.

@Jordan It occurred to me actually rather recently that I should start the RP soon. I apologise for being lax in my duties. I am going to be looking into people who can manage it in my absence that I trust to know what I will and won't permit. I have several potential candidates for this, and will keep you guys posted on the progress.

In related reasoning, the website is getting a massive code overhaul, which also includes the forums. I will resume the RP once the transition is complete as the current forum needs to be moved and there is the potential for data loss. (I honestly am not well versed in the ins and outs of the coding database but I do have a feeling the forums could pose a tricky challenge for my code monkey. [she says with affection, I promise] So I'd rather not add to those pressures with an active RP session)

So I suspect within the next month we'll see a return and I apologise for my delays. Moving forward there won't be so many so long as my appointed staff keep up with it. I'll also be removing many restrictions on posting for some users. As I mentioned before the forum will follow it's own timeline because to have it keep up with recent comic events would be difficult at best. You're more than welcome to "tether" your thread to a certain current arc if you so desire but it may not be considered comic-canon.
Yeah I'm going to have to take everything offline for a bit to get a good backup and make sure there's no data loss. Doing so when there's RP going on is rather disruptive so it's easier to wait until after. In addition, the overhaul is going to be rather significant visually so it'd be good to give everyone a bit to get used to the update.

There shouldn't be any actual data loss if I go about things carefully, but it's better to take these precautions and not need them than to do the update and come back to a blank slate.
I am an administrator from a technical viewpoint only. I just keep the forums up to date and free from spam, and have no authority regarding the roleplay universe; please contact Foxenawolf for RP issues :3
However, if you're having technical troubles, feel free to shoot me a PM!
@Fox I appreciate your hard work and I look forward to future updates.

Also I appreciate the warning, I will back up my work in the event there is data loss.
"What would you do for a better world?"

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