Isla Aukate
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Cast Page!
Last year we let people sponsor the characters in the Aukate cast and several of the pages are up. Fox is putting a ton of work into the images so they're all high quality. There are a few spots left but you'll have to ask Fox which ones. Sponsoring a character means you get to appear on the cast page along with the character you sponsored.

But we have the cast pages up with more to come! Check them out here!

For those of you curious, here is a slightly partial list of the unclaimed characters. Which means that if a character you are interested in is not listed here, it might mean that we could have forgotten to add them to the list. Sponsorship of a profile image is $100 and will be a permanent fixture on the website.


Gedrite (Darius’ father)
Fangite (Another one of Titan’s infiltration agents)
Cadmius (A tyrant and master darnathi tactician, Darius is his most direct descendant)
Celes (Darius’ mom)
Ferric the Rustbringer (Ancient war hero)
Jade (Lodite’s wife/Cobalt’s Step-Aunt)
Pahili (Uru’s second in command, shapeshifter)
Devon (cabayo’s brother)
Mnemosyne (Demigoddess with the ability to restore memories)
Timber (Darnathi scientist killed by Alex)
Lodite (Cobalt’s uncle. VERY powerful empath)
Morganite (Alvarni government official, father of Fangite)
Carbon (Alvarni government official, father of Desmond and Cole)
Cole/Coal (Former infiltration agent)
Desmond/Diamond (Darnathi infiltration agent exposed and killed)
Chromian (Alvarni government official who hates highbloods)
Timothy (Artemis’ former boss)
D.K. (Aileeron’s Father)
Rei (aileeron’s sister)
Orichalion (The leader of the Darnathi people)
Taimat (Pahili's Daughter)
Hekili (Pahili's Son)
Yay, they look awesome!
"What would you do for a better world?"
Agreed they look awesome!
Bump because we have added a list of unclaimed characters to the main post if people wish to sponsor one. Please contact me or Fox via PM here or Fox on FA if you are interested.
Noticed that you haven't added Knight to the list yet.

All Hail the Overlord!
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(03-21-2017, 12:29 AM)Tigermark Wrote: Noticed that you haven't added Knight to the list yet.


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All Hail the Overlord!

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