Isla Aukate
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Gintasa Takenaka
Name: Gintasa Takenaka

Island of birth: Tiurai (July)
Age: 27
Preferred occupation: Engineer in R&D
Species: Fox-taur (It's complicated.)
Eye color: Black Sclera, golden Iris
Hair color: Silver-grey
Height (in feet and inches): 5' 4"

Brief character description: Gintasa is a slightly built foxtaur, lean, but not weak. Her fur is an almost charcoal black, with several stripes the same color as her hair along her arms and backs. Her most noticeable features are her saberteeth, her eyes, and the trio of tails she sports. She's a little overly energetic, but kind and caring. A toolbag and book can be found on her person at almost all times.


Gintasa grew up on the island of July, living with her mother, a Lamia, and her father, a kitsune. She was raised in the outskirts of the city on the island, as far from the dragons as her parents could get and still be "in" the city. Her family distrusted and disliked the rigid caste system, but refused to move off the island for reasons they never divulged to Gin. Other than the occasional childhood troublemaking, the taur had a normal childhood.

In school, she found herself drawn to mathmatics and physical sciences. She never excelled at English or the fine arts, but could still usually be found with a book by her side. Her interest in applying what she'd learned in school was kicked off by the age of fifteen, when she stopped outside an antique shop, listening to the proprietor complain about a broken record player. Having been a regular at the shop since her childhood, she offered to take a look at it and see what she could do. Within a couple weeks, she'd fixed the old record player, and discovered a passion for mechanical engineering. Tinkering with things throughout her remaining teenage years, she enrolled in the university on Aukate immediately after highschool.

Saying her goodbyes, she left for the Big Island and began her studies near the Lair, focusing on mechanical engineering at first, and after a couple years, specializing into devices that combined both electrical and mechanical parts, such as the robots used in industrial applications. While she wasn't the most diligent of students, her nine years at the University paid off. Graduating with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in electrical engineering, she began looking for opportunities to apply that hard earned skill and knowledge. Having run across several recruiters over the years, as well as hearing several of her classmates apply, she decided to offer her skills to the current Overlord, and sent in her application, with more than a little trepidation. After all, the Overlord only took the best and brightest for her R&D department.

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