Isla Aukate
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Isle Aukate - Page 1450
[Image: 1450.png]
...Yeah, that's an impressive downside.

I wonder if the tunnels were specifically constructed for the transport system, or if they were co-opted for the transport system by the Chimenticores to give the sun sensitive ones a place to work.

I figure it will get answered at some point in the comic, but I can't help but wonder anyway.
Ah, this answers most of my questions from the last page. Hmm, it's rather disturbing to think about, but he could maybe get his sclera tattooed with an opaque ink to protect his vision. Yes, real people have done this for fashion/decoration, but not for protection AFAIK. Nice contrast in expressions to match the pro/con!
I'm not sure why, but I had an interesting thought returning to when Lady Bane was toying with the Puppifier gun (I honestly don't remember what it was called). I'm kinda wondering what Knight would do in that scenario :3
Wait. People actually get tattoos on their EYES?

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