Isla Aukate
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Isle Aukate - Page 1463
[Image: 1463.png]
But... everybody DOES get the special plants for their kids. And a job/care/food/support.

It's a mixed bag, as there's a lot of good being done, though through rather monopolistic means.

Also, how well can that plant grow wild on Aukate? And how necessary is it for chimenticore children?

It seems like it's guarantee for nutritional health for baby chimenticores. But... is it necessary due to something unique about the Chimenticores? Or is it just a shortcut where other foods could do?

I am exceedingly curious about this now, and look forward to finding out more.
Cooperation is encouraged
"What would you do for a better world?"
Sort of similar to the social behavior of a primate troop.
...Somewhere, someone has, or probably will, have the idea to post videos of chimenticore pups playing and romping on Youtube, and then monetize them.

Which would lead to the eventual scene of "But Dad! You taped me as a child and put the videos online! Now all the other students are laughing at me from when I could barely walk!"
Also, Ace has pretty big ears, so I wonder if he overheard the speculation.
Those pups are incredibly cute! But, do they already have the eye-black or is that something different that isn't harmful to their sight?
Yeah, I'd suspect Ace heard that and is politely pretending he isn't.

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