Isla Aukate
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Sasha Richter
Name: Sasha Richter
Island of birth: Aukate
Age: 26
Preferred occupation:  Engineer/R&D
Species: Red Kangaroo
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Auburn
Height: 5'6" (not including her ears)

Brief character description: (physical) Sasha is a pretty average kangaroo.  Most of her fur is red, lightening a few shades as it gets closer to her chest, stomach, and inner thighs. She does have some grey markings on her cheeks, a patch that goes from about the middle of her muzzle, between her eyes, and up into her hair line, and another patch that starts on the back of her neck, and spreads across her shoulder blades, and just a little bit onto her shoulders.  She's got wide hips, thick muscular legs and tail, and a modest bust.  She keeps her auburn hair trimmed just below her shoulders and typically keeps it tied back when working. She is near sighted, and has glasses, though she prefers contacts when working.

(Personality) She's generally pretty cheerful, good humored, and happy to contribute. She enjoys a good natured prank, and loves to tinker, and build things.  Her biggest problem with building things is that she never really considers them actually finished.  She always feels that there is something more that could be done to make it better, and can often be rather indecisive if left to her own devices.  Her indecisiveness only gets worse when she has a lot of ideas for something..  She likes to work with others, feeling that everyone benefits when ideas and efforts are shared. She's a bit of a lightweight when it comes to alcohol, and tends to get rather talkative when she's drunk.

Character background/history:  Sasha is an only child, and was born and raised on Aukate.  Her parents owned and ran (still do) a fairly successful restaurant.  She started helping in the restaurant as soon as she was old enough, and learned the importance of hard work, and doing a job right the first time.  Her parents taught her how to cook, and were preparing her to someday take over the restaurant.  She wasn't terribly interested in cooking, though she wasn't bad at it.  She was more drawn to machinery, and often tried to build devices that would automate some portion of the cooking process, with mixed results. Her choice in classes in high school were much more workshop than kitchen oriented. 

When she graduated high school, it was time to break the news to her parents.  She told them that she wanted to go to college, and study engineering and robotics.  Her parents weren't terribly surprised by her choice, though some part of them was disappointed that she didn't want to continue with the family restaurant. Thankfully, she had been a dutiful student and kept good grades throughout school, and when she applied to one of Aukate's best universities, she was accepted and even got a academic scholarship to offset some of the cost. She continued to work for her parents while going to school to help pay her way. She also ended up on the school's fencing team, the sport becoming one of her favorite extracurricular activities.

After years as a dedicated student, she earned her degree in robotics engineering.  In school, she had often heard about technological leaps that were coming from the lair, and The Overlord's R&D teams.  She'd often talk with her peers about the possible opportunities of joining up with The Overlord.  As graduation time came around, she finally decided that she was going to join up with The Overlord and be on the leading edge of the advancements in technology on Aukate.  A little more than a week after graduating, she found a recruiter, and joined The Overlord's forces.

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