Isla Aukate
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Isle Aukate - Page 1546
[Image: 1546.png]
Bane has that sloooow smoldering look that she's about to cut loose with.
That look the other person gives you when you totally blow a gasket. After end-of-rant, all you get is an arched eyebrow and "Are you done?"
Why didn't he do those things instead? It certainly would have improved the general design.
@Jak W. Snow
He is an engineer, I have yet to meet one who did not want to over engineer something (usually with out thought to the reality of the purpose XD )
To me Bane's expression says "'l will let you rant, but you DO realize that you did not get the point of the exercise?"
Bane's a smart boss, letting him get all this out of his system, be interesting to see what she says when he's done!

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