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Another normal day (free form)
(apologies for the terribly late reply but I figured I'd get this ball rolling again)

Bane took the order and read it. "Verywell." She added a few of her notes to it to be added later. "I want a team to go out into the field today with the foragers. Perhaps talk with some of our visiting Darnathi and glean what sorts of ways we can help them... integrate into our society as seamlessly as possible. With the war over it's best we start planning for that too. Medical concerns are also always something to keep in mind." She placed the order in a tray and padded back to a central pillow on the floor of her "office" where a tablet laid.

(Note me when you guys start going out into the forest, and I'll NPC some Darnathi for ya, free form fun untill then!)
The taur barreled down the hallways, being -just- late enough to avoid the morning crush of folks running to their own posts... but late enough to possibly be in trouble. Grumbling to herself, she clutched a (formerly) neatly folded envelope in one hand, a few grease smudges and oil stains marring the back of the once pristine paper. "I shouldn't have let Luci talk me into going to the Freeze Ray last night! Late late late..."

As the grey and black blur tried to skid to a stop in front of a door marked "Research and Development," she failed miserably, claws not finding purchase on the concrete. Skidding an extra couple of feet, she picks herself up and brushes off the front of her uniform, wincing at the (even more crumpled) "graduation" paperwork. "... Fluff and damnation." Taking another minute to catch her breath, the sabertooth brushes her uniform off again, and opens the door, stepping in.

Taking in the scene before her, she salutes the room briefly before calmly walking over to Lady Bane's desk, offering her paperwork. "Lady Wolfbane. Technician and Lab assistant Gintasa Takenaka, reporting for duty. I graduated bootcamp this last round. ... My apologies for my tardiness." She grins sheepishly and winces, spotting the grease and oil stains on the letter finally.
Garran looked at his colleagues.

"You know, chemistry has never been my best skill. If we need someone to work on the energy drink I'm sure you'll all do a better job than me."

He stretched his wings a bit, shaking away the last traces of sleep.

"That said, if you want I can go out with the others. I'm sure a bit of walking won't kill me. Who wants to come with me?"

He picked a faint sound out of the lab doors before these opened, and a taur came in. He never saw her, so he assumed she had to be a new member of the crew. He greeted with a smile.

"Welcome aboard!" he said.
As the others are talking about, they hear more footsteps coming down from one of the hallways in a quick pace. If anyone looks up, they would see a fellow minion running down twoards them. From what they see, they see a Fox with Grey or Swift markings coming twoards them. The Fox stops as they approach and catches his breath. "Huh...sorry, I was told people were meeting here about the foraging mission?" he says, as he gathers himself.
Sasha's nose twitched as the smell of freshly brewed coffee filled it, and began to rouse her from her slumber.  Her eyes began to open slowly then shot wide as she quickly sat upright.  The smell of coffee meant that she had slept through her alarm.  She looked around at the scattered bits of electronic components around her, and realized she had fallen asleep while working on a personal project again. "Ugh...crud.  I hope I'm not too late." She muttered to herself as she got herself cleaned up and presentable for the day.  She pulled on her uniform, and tied up her hair before dumping her coffee into a travel mug, and heading out into the hallways.

Sasha didn't run, but she did move with a purpose as she made her way to the R&D department, still hoping she wasn't too late.  She gave a sigh of relief as she approached just behind a taur, and a fox. Well, at least I'm not the only one. She thought to herself as she slipped in. "Morning everyone." She greeted the department as a whole.  "what's going on today?" She asked, unsure if there were any special assignments on deck for the day.
Jade watched as several more people enter the room in quick succession. She greeted the newcomers, "Ah, good morning everyone. We were just about to get started on delegating tasks for the day. Looks like one of our new ones is from General Steele, and Lady Wolfbane also wants a team out to help Base Ops with their foraging trip."

Looking over the General's request, she announced "The General's request looks to be a good thing to work with Medical on; a formulation of Min-ion geared towards Darnathi empaths. I see several stages that need to be done. Obviously figuring out what needs to be in it, but we'll also need to figure out how to produce the formula in bulk, as well as testing to make sure it doesn't react negatively with other food and drugs..."

Jade added, "For the foraging team, I'd appreciate lots of pictures... I had an idea for a tablet application that could help less experienced foragers with identifying which plants are ripe and keeping poisonous lookalikes out of our stocks. I have some stock photos to get things started but some real-world imagery is much more valuable for making sure everything works right."
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William nods and listens in for the delegration. As he hears Jade discuss the foraging mission, he takes out his own tablet and looks over it quickly, making sure it's in good shape. Once done he looks back to Jade for information on the application and the mission ahead.
Bane emerged from her office, And padded up to a chair holding a clip board in one paw. She lept up onto it and settled onto it before clearing her throat. "Ineedavolunteertoleadtheoutsidecrew,who'supforthetask?WeneedanR&DLeadandaMilitaryleadsotwopeoplepreferably. Afterthat'sdecidedletsfigureoutwhoisgoingandwhoistayinghere."

Bane pulled out a pen as she silently took role call of everyone who had shown up so far. If anyone was missing she didn't mention any thing. Beside her, struggling to join her, was Spike who climbed up her fur to perch on the Dire's head. "And if Bane has given me clearance to come with the outside team. Although supposedly Doctor Silver will be joining us soon as well. But that will be after we depart."
Becoming concerned as the spare security crew were being taken up to fill slots for minions calling off sick or injured, Mark decided to just have the watch commander send any spare security to him at R&D if any remained. He left out and went to meet the R&D team that would be going out. When he got there, Lady Bane had just gotten to her seat and began the briefing and selection for the team that would go outside. He saluted her and passed on the security situation.

"Lady Bane, There seems to have been a rough night among the security troops. I've only had a commitment from the watch commander to let me know if she ends up with any spare troops. Some of the team from here will have to double as security. I'll go along as Military lead if you wish.
All Hail the Overlord!
William looks a little nervous. He had only been working for a little bit in the department since he had finished boot camp, he didn't know if he was ready to lead. Still, if no one else volunteered, he figured it would be up to the task. For the moment, he looked around, and not seeing any direct volunteered his smiles. "Err, Lady Bane, I would be happy to volunteer as R&D Lead" he says.

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