Isla Aukate
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Another normal day (free form)
(apologies for the terribly late reply but I figured I'd get this ball rolling again)

Bane took the order and read it. "Verywell." She added a few of her notes to it to be added later. "I want a team to go out into the field today with the foragers. Perhaps talk with some of our visiting Darnathi and glean what sorts of ways we can help them... integrate into our society as seamlessly as possible. With the war over it's best we start planning for that too. Medical concerns are also always something to keep in mind." She placed the order in a tray and padded back to a central pillow on the floor of her "office" where a tablet laid.

(Note me when you guys start going out into the forest, and I'll NPC some Darnathi for ya, free form fun untill then!)

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