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Another normal day (free form)
Sasha stood within easy listening range, and took a sip from her mug as she listened to Jade list off the day's tasks.  Foraging held little of her interest; she had no desire to be traipsing through the jungles if she didn't have to. Drink formulations were well outside her realm of expertise, but she perked up a bit as production line designs were mentioned. A few ideas started swirling through her mind and she only half paid attention as the briefing circled back to the foraging team.

She shifted her weight back and forth on her feet for a few moments as she shifted her attention to Bane, and Spike.  She had even less interest in leading the field team than she did in being a part of it, and she hoped someone would volunteer so there wouldn't be a chance of being picked for it instead.  She gave a small sigh of relief when William volunteered to lead the field team. 

She raised her hand and spoke.  "I could start coming up with some preliminary designs for a production and bottling line for the new energy drink." She volunteered, addressing what Jade had listed off as tasks accompanying the request for a new energy drink.
Gintasa settled in among the other researchers as the tasks were listed off. Her specialties lay more in tinkering and robotics, but... it couldn't hurt to get a little more outdoors time, right? Plants couldn't be that hard... And with the tablets, she could take pictures of the herbological samples in question, even. Her lackluster drawing skills needn't even come up! That sounded like a good place for a new transfer... yeah!

Smirking to herself, she waited until everything else had been taken care of. Bottling and processing the new energy drink also sounded up her alley, but she'd been doing mechanical work for years. Raising her hand, Gin looked at Jade and Bane, a bit eager to prove herself in her new position.

"I wouldn't mind getting out of a workshop for a few hours, or days, or however long the foraging expedition takes. I spend too many hours staring at gears and screws as it is, heh. When I'm done with that, I wouldn't mind helping on the production line, either. That's my real area of expertise, anyway."
People were eager to work. Everyone seemed to have a clear idea of what to do. "Well, well" Garran said "Seems we're getting organized with no problems! So, then, who wants to come out and have a nice walk?"

Then he turned to Jade: "I like the idea, Jade: the more information we can give to other people, the better! Hopefully this will both reduce the number of food-poisoned people and speed up foraging and surveys. What's your idea? Do you need pictures taken in particular ways?"

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