Isla Aukate
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Isla Aukate - Bonds 4
[Image: 1704.png]
I think that might be close to the most polite way that Aileeron can say "Please, I am in poor humour today, and would prefer some time to myself. Do not be alarmed, this mood shall pass, and we shall spend time together later, friend."

Although, this IS Aileeron, so it's probably a bit less friendly in proper translation!
Middle panel LMAO
3 seconds later - "Not TODAY? oooooh, when are you off-shift next?"

...As Aileeron takes the next 4 weeks of overtime scheduling...
Actually, considering the last time we saw him was on a gurney being taken off-island, I think Aileeron is looking quite well and in a more-or-less normal mood.

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