Isla Aukate
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Isla Aukate - Unrest 1
[Image: 1731.png]
Huh. That gazelle looks familiar...
She does, but the shady one who tried to ply Shawn with free drinks and a plunging neckline didn't have horns. Unless they're an accessory?
Looks like Harvey's Club... Could have been in his family photo/flashback?
Tiny design flaw here: why put booths right around the pole that looks away from the poledancer?
I pity the neck of the winged critter sitting alone...
Well, I'd imagine there are plenty of people who would be happy to get a seat so up close and personal as it were. My otter, Kaitlyn, would be one. Additionally, I'm sure there is other entertainment around the club that is visible from those seats, but that was left out of the scene for visibility and clutter (and speed of drawing) reasons.

For the sketch comic, Fox tends to prefer implying more, since it allows her to handwave unimportant details that don't really contribute to the story she's trying to tell. In this particular case, all we need to know is: This is a club; it's on the fancy side; it's not just the usual "T&A-on-a-pole" club; and it seems decently popular.
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Cool club scene, Fox! Looks like Ledoux at that table middle-left, and possibly Dean blushing brightly at the pole-dancer's acrobatic display? XD
Not a pole dancer it's an Aerial Silk Dance:
I like the swan sitting and completely ignoring the dancers.

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