Isla Aukate
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Isla Aukate - Unrest 3
[Image: 1733.png]
Great, we come to Harvey's for a nice dinner and silk dance show, and now there's gonna be a fight right behind us.
@tigermark. Look at the bright side? You get a real front row seat to a brand new song and dance in this establishment.
I will say, Pete and Harvey shared some joyous times together, singing and drinking was the last thing I expected to see... Too bad their happy moment is about to be greatly disturbed, they seemed to enjoy each otehr's company and it's so nice to see them have a good time.
Bunch of bucks, about to lock horns.
That expression in the last panel is scary.
Who cares if he is a "Fire Demon" If he can hold a tune, I will sing with him anytime Tongue

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