Isla Aukate
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Isla Aukate - Unrest 3
[Image: 1733.png]
Great, we come to Harvey's for a nice dinner and silk dance show, and now there's gonna be a fight right behind us.
@tigermark. Look at the bright side? You get a real front row seat to a brand new song and dance in this establishment.
I will say, Pete and Harvey shared some joyous times together, singing and drinking was the last thing I expected to see... Too bad their happy moment is about to be greatly disturbed, they seemed to enjoy each otehr's company and it's so nice to see them have a good time.
"I will deny any knowledge of my own actions."
Bunch of bucks, about to lock horns.
That expression in the last panel is scary.
Who cares if he is a "Fire Demon" If he can hold a tune, I will sing with him anytime Tongue

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