Isla Aukate
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Isla Aukate - Unrest 9
[Image: 1739.png]
...Yikes. We don't see Harvey angry often.

It seems the Elemental community has a bit of a problem, as might the whole of Aukate, in this case.

Methinks Harvey might be offering some mostly free intel to the Overlord soon, just in case.
I don't see Harvey getting involved into this more than the bare minimum, which, for him, would be none at all.

And, somehow, I don't see Aukate or the Overlord being taken completely by surprise. While I can see the Elementals coming with some tricks, I'm quite sure that the Overlord has some eyes trained on them, plus she got a quite good tactician and strategist in Darius.
I think someone is pretending there's a bigger problem than there is, and that they have more influence than they do.
I’ll be honest. I like Harvey when he’s angry!

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