Isla Aukate
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Isla Aukate - Unrest 10
[Image: 1740.png]
I don't think Harvey is truly neutral. I think he's waiting to see which side goes down the dark rabbit's warren and comes out a proverbial monster.
Its funny that folks say that. You very often can, because you have the position, the power, and the established name to to do so.

Its a rather, inflammatory statement, on a defensive step.

But odds are, and im no numbers fellow, you've been read, strung along, and just need hanging out to dry by this point.
The chap with the glowing red eyes worries me for some reason or another... Big Grin
On the contrary, Miss Kani, staying neutral forever is very possible. You should research a little country known as Switzerland.

One thought just occurred to me: Harvey could very well use his saloon as neutral grounds for diplomatic discussions. After all, he has links to both the predators and the elementals.

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