Isla Aukate
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Isla Aukate - Unrest 12
[Image: 1742.png]
...Yep. Still afraid for and now pitying Ms. Kani, because Harvey is NOT someone anyone should mess with lightly. Or even after serious consideration.

Cause he's pretty damn scary, even without the elemental eyes and looking like he'd happily, or possibly grimly, add Ms. Kani to his "Wall Of Precautionary Heads".
I rather like the side look on the eye here. its a neat touch, that gives a very proper otherworldly nature that iss rising here.

Though, this verbal spar is reaching some interesting points. Will give points for trying to be subversive. It could work, if the person isn't in the control they have. And plays up whom she answers to, as he doesn't.
All right folks “Last Call” for drinks. Before this argument becomes truly physical and wipes out the bar.
Oho, the eyes are out, Harvey's not kidding around!

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