Isla Aukate
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Isla Aukate - Unrest 14
[Image: 1744.png]
"Because this might happen, we must go to extremes to prevent it." It's a risky mentality.

It it's regarding an extreme risk, like a nuclear reactor meltdown, it's a little more sensible to take extreme precautions for safety.

But a situation like the current Aukate government? I'd say it's much more of a scare than an actual worry.
Is it your own fault on being pushed out? Is it your choice to stay behind, to stay with fear and hate bolstering? And yet, there is funny enough, the next one in line is everything you might want in being anti-pred. But you wont see it. Because you arent there to dig in.
I want to understand the situation better.
Because right now, the only thing I could say is "then make yourselves useful". But this would classify all non-predators as lazy, or non-productive, and I'm sure it's not true.
It feels more like a case of 'we're being slowly pushed out, let's push back with all our might and prejudice so we can remain as the rulers'.

Also, are all the elementals, or at least the Clan Torn, all able to control smoke and create those nifty smoke shapes?

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