Isla Aukate
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Name: Maluhia (Mahl Lew We Ah)
Island of Birth: October
Age: 31
Preferred Occupation: Gardener/Groundskeeper
Species: Zebra (Quadruped)
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Black and White
Height: 5'3"

Brief Character Description: Stocky, toned, quadrupedal Zebra, manly usually monotoned black marking around his face, hooves, ears and chest. Undyed, these run in teal and violet/purple flavors depending on the location. (See attached image below) Stands a little taller than the average. Ears tend to be constantly moving, and eyes following the same on some things. Tends to smile outdoors and with his plants. Seems nervous in small and enclosed spaces. Notable guarded shifts around some predators (The hunting variety). But a more relaxed one around other prey based types.

Character Background: Maluhia was born to the tribes of his home in october. He lived, loved, and grew into his role of a guard for his people, among others. Horticulture, agriculture, apothecarial. How to address to a wound, how to disable and hurt the dangers among the jungle. How one can move quietly and sneakily through the brush and bush. Friends and family, he was truly happy with his lot in life, until a rather unique precedent sent him away into a very foreign and unique land. 

Truncated Version: Maluhia was born a guard and protector, raised one. He lived as all do, ups and downs. 

One day, individual shows up, unarmed, but offers the tribe a deal. They work out a deal, he makes sure the predators about are dead and wont bother them again. Gives the tribe time to think, they cant decide. Pretty much near deadlock, outside the guards. They have stayed neutral from tribe politics. And they keep refusing to, trying to get the folks to come to a decision. 

Finally, both sides force the issue, choose. And maluhia, took a third option, since he viewed it as a failing to his people as a whole no matter what he chose. He left, and went to find a new life. 

He worked different jobs, heard of the overlord. The good work, the ideal appealed, and he worked his way to there. Not wanting to be a guard as he was, but pursue his passion of plants and gardening.

Long Version: Every so often, from the port, one enters the various tribal lands in the jungle. Others often would speak of them with mirth or laughter. How they bumbled, how they bristled as kittens. And inward, where the dark heart kept to its shadows. Belching forth a twisted being that would clash against the united front they each presented. Until the dark tried something different. There was no beast it sent, but a herald. A speaker that banished those lingering shadows. 

He asked to parley, surrendered when approached, but confirmed in sense and ability as one whom stopped the other true predators near his home. And the village called upon all and convene upon his offer. Every colt, every filly, to elder, and wise one. Each were given a vote. Should peace be achieved with the dark? Would he try and betray as many had voiced?

The figure waited, for a week they talked, the argued, and even fought in a time or two. But as each made their vote known. Only Maluhia and the protectors with him abstained. There was no reason for them to decide. The will of the tribe had always been enough, the guards and sentinels respected that. He respected that. And for that week, both sides courted him, and his guard. Some made a choice. The rest, stayed true to their brothers, and sisters.

Yet, by the weeks end, it was clear, they would not budge. The stranger waited still, and dined upon the food he had. Still, the signs were troubling, the tribe was uneasy. Tensions rose, tempers flared. And in a few days, the choice happened. They called outside the guards hut. They demanded, they spoke. To choose, then and there. And in the moment, maluhia did. He stepped forward, and spoke.

"I have given my life, my spirit to you. I am a guardian. To stand when all might be lost. To fight, when all seems but untenable. I am a sentinel, to watch in the dark, guarding against its sharp talons, and lethal poisons. I am a protector, to see you safe unto the coming dawn. I may fall, but I will never fail in my duty to you." he strode among them then, leaving behind his brothers, his sisters to bring his words. "I have your answer, though you not like it. I will see you safe, though it will cost me much. I will be your protector, even now, though I will fall. I will not fail in my duty." 

"Goodbye." His final words and sight to them as he left with his kit, his pack, and tribe one less in spirit. Days he traveled, moving through other tribes to the city, speaking of the dangers the stranger posed, bearing such a poisoned chalice. Gems, and minerals of home, bartered for shelter, food, and transportation, even the tablet to learn during his many months of different jobs, and at times, simple grunt work. 

More and more, words of the overlord reached him, of the unity, the focus, and aspects of a tribe united appealed to what he had lost. Nearly a full year later, and many islands later, he would be applying to the overlords ranks. Hoping that with his knowledge, and passions of youth, learned with time, he might start anew.

Facial Markings (And if I did something to add or fix, please let me know.)
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