Isla Aukate
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Isla Aukate - Protection 48
[Image: 1828.png]
A job well done. Minimal injury, and what will be, will be. Still feel bad for the one deer. Right or wrong, not something thats going to rest easy.
If it was a matter of faith, then said demodeer believed the Holy Water would melt him just as much as Maluhia did. Thus, it was a self-inflicted dissolution. To quote one of the songs Fox's sentient playlist uses. "he had it comin'"
Tigermark: But would the Holy Water have failed on a virtuous Elemental, as opposed to the obviously brutish and amoral elemental who got hit here? Would it have done less damage? Could an Elemental wield Holy Water in the same way if they were virtuous?


Also, I'm now going to have that song stuck in my head. At least it's a GOOD song stuck in my head this time.
I dont think it has to do with moral. When it is not christian (how would that be there on aukate?) he just believed in the water will melt him and so it did.
Concerning holy water , Its a mater of faith and balance. Once "charged" water will hold the energy for a short while, so the user has to believe to keep the energy ready for "application" it will then do its job whether or not the recipient believes in it or not.
As for this fox, I balance things out by bathing in holy water but using demonic soap. Wink
@Hariman Quickest way to explain would be to say that elementals are beings of magic and are very heavily affected by faith. People BELIEVE that holy water hurts demons so it does. I suppose a faithful demon could wield it, but a faithful demon wouldn't be trying to kidnap, torture, and murder someone or use their powers to harm another person. Suffice it to say the fellow wot got glooped probably believed himself to be a minor little god and learned just how wrong he really was. A shame that it was the last lesson he ever learned.

@Michael How can there be Christians on Aukate? You can read the story here: Although the active word here is more 'faithful' than 'Christian'. But as the holy water is a Christian element, it helps if the person using it believes in that flavor of religion a little for it to work.
Artemis: Thank you. Smile

Yeah, death removes any option of reform or improvement.

Love the expression on that dolphoria, looks pleased to have Tung back!
Also love seeing the variety of Minions in the top panel!
Could a Bun-E ray be used to make him more... pocket-sized for convenient transport?

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