Isla Aukate
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Isla Aukate - Apology 15
[Image: 1845.png]
someone's certainly happy that they made something go "BOOM" lol
Boom is a very scientific term. It's one pinch too much potassium chloride, and you get some very highlander-esque situations going on a scottish moor.
*shakes head* I told Fox, er, Madame Overlord not to let R&D have unfettered access to the high explosives. Lady Bane is gonna have their hides...

Love the enthusiasm, though.
Ironically, if it was an explosive device, exploding it with other explosives is actually a highly effective tactic for making it safe to handle.

Sometimes there is no other way to destroy a bomb but to explode it in a controlled way.
But why blowing up a Bingo barrel?
...I hope it wasn't anything TOO valuable before the explosion. Like, oh..."It WAS a replicator..." (yeah, I'm pretty sure Darnathi don't have those, but you get the idea)
"We blowed it up REAL good!" Big Grin
Bahaha! That gleeful face at getting to explode something! XD Looks like whatever it was, it's spare parts now! ...they should probably consult with him or other Darnathi in the future, though. Before blowing things up, I mean. This explains their uncertain faces from last page!

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