Isla Aukate
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Isla Aukate - Hurricane 110
[Image: 1970.png]
This does NOT look Promising for our favorite Overlord.

But I will say this what ever went down it looks like she put up a fight!
If I recall, Bane was in there with her.
A room none entered.
A room many guarded.
And one fort missing its lord.

Search well brave knights.
Oh, dear. We're going to have to redecorate.

Makes one wonder whether the entire Titan business was an elaborate smokescreen?
Well, Uru did tell Titan that if he didn't join with him to become a dragon, he'd be merely a distraction. Rememnber, Uru has had a LOT of time to set things up, and definitely plays the long game.
Oh dear, quite the struggle/fight has gone down! Question is, whose blood is that? Doesn't look like a fatal amount, at least.
Blood... shredded carpet...

Why do I have this feeling she’s gone totally feral?

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