Isla Aukate
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Isla Aukate - Lost 26
[Image: 1996.png]
Silver: "Hug me Brotha!"

Cobalt: "Er, we're not related."

Silver: "Seriously though, do you know how few fellow empaths I have to talk to?!"

Cobalt: *Sighs, rolls his eyes, returns the hug, and pats Silver's back.*

This also complicates the whole "traumatized by Titan" issue and the needed discussion of that. But, it's probably not a wholly bad thing that Cobalt has been outed as an empath.

It's not wholly good either, but there are some upshots.
That would be like finding out you can be one of the X-Men...,or the BORG.

This’ll be either a great defense or.., a serious weakness.
Well, good that everyone is okay! Now, how to deal with this revelation?

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