Isla Aukate
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Isla Aukate - Lost 28
[Image: 1998.png]
Maybe it’s more likely he one that, if you’d know it could have put you all in more danger.
Arg..., typos
It's not that simple though. Empathy is so highly valued that telling anyone the secret, even a spaceship ride from Alvarni, the want to have nobody know, so they'll never come and take you away is likely too ingrained to let go of easily.

And I'll bet that's half of what Silver's face is saying in the last panel.

The other half is probably a tangle of mixed emotions and other associated realizations.
Silver knows the feeling
Even good people can have Hypocritical blind spots: Artemis... They're your friends... You didn't even tell them YOUR secret? (Actually, in this scene, that only applies to Ian - the other two know, or SHOULD know and are lying to themselves)
Whoops. And Rain. Who should be around somewhere.
Not as strong doesn't mean it's a useless ability, Silver might be able to teach Cobalt how to use it in other ways, if they're both willing. Hmm, yeah, wonder what effect that outburst had on Rain? Few are the people that don't have some secrets, even from their friends. Secret-telling is more common between spouses, like Artemis telling Silver about the unlimited access point at the base of her skull. Just from a security standpoint, I don't think that would be a good one to share amongst even close friends, unless a situation requires it.
Also, Cobalt's uncle was strong enough to mind trick the agents who came searching for Empaths.

Cobalt's "not as strong as you" might still be pretty damn strong.

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